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Los Cabos Travel Tips During COVID

In light of the new restrictions that international travelers are facing amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to share some Los Cabos Travel Tips during COVID to help you navigate the current requirements.

Is December a Good Time to Visit Los Cabos?

If you are wondering if December is a good time to visit Los Cabos, Mexico, we have great news for you! You will find plenty of things to enjoy in Los Cabos in December – including the weather. In fact, winter and spring are the most popular seasons for traveling to this beautiful destination in Baja California Sur.

Los Cabos International Film Festival

Los Cabos International Film Festival

This November 2021, Los Cabos will give you the opportunity to experience an amazing celebration filled with magic and dreams. Each year, Los Cabos hosts an International Film Festival where thousands of people from around the world gather to celebrate cinema and its brilliant creators.

August 30: International Whale Shark Day

August 30th is International Whale Shark Day. But their day of celebration goes beyond their cuteness, it is a day dedicated to the conservation of these beautiful creatures.


Best Fishing Tournament in Los Cabos

With just a couple of months to go until Bisbee’s Fishing Tournaments with their big prize Black and Blue and Los Cabos Offshore tournaments, Cabo San Lucas is getting ready to welcome hundreds of visitors, some as participants in one of the more than 120 teams, others just as spectators ready to enjoy Bisbee’s “fiesta” with the culmination at the Puerto Paraiso Entertainment Plaza for the final weighing ceremony ready to meet the newest Bisbee’s Fishing Tournament champion!

Whale Shark Season in Cabo

The serene waters of the Bay of La Paz, located just a short trip by boat from both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del

Los Cabos

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Los Cabos

Are you wondering what to do in Los Cabos on your next vacation? Or maybe you’re a regular visitor to the destination and are looking for some new and exciting activities this time around? This guide is full of suggestions for anyone looking to do something a bit different this trip!

the orange tree at garza blanca los cabos

What is the Meaning of the Orange Tree at Garza Blanca?

Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos is an upscale resort with many unique features. Guests can expect tailored experiences amongst incredible beauty. One of the features that really stands out is its beautiful orange tree in the courtyard. By orange tree we do not mean a tree that produces oranges, but it is so named because of its vibrant orange color.

spa imagine garza blanca los cabos

Hydrotherapy at Spa Imagine

To fully enjoy a relaxing treatment at Spa Imagine, whether it be an anti-aging facial, full body massage, or body wrap, it is recommended that you arrive one hour prior to your scheduled appointment time to kick start the process of total relaxation by indulging in the hydrotherapy circuit.

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