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Benefits of Running on the Beach

Benefits of Running on the Beach

Running remains one of the most popular choices when it comes to cardio exercise, and for good reason.  It provides many benefits for the mind and body to keep you healthy, happy and fit.  However, running on the beach takes this favorite activity to a whole new level.  If you have access to the waves and the sand, take your workout to this scenic atmosphere where your cardio routine is about to get even better.  

Find out why running on the beach is the ultimate way to exercise:


Improve Your Overall Health

When you get your heart pumping with exercise, your entire body has a positive response.  For one, as you deliver more oxygen to your lungs during a run, your breathing improves.  As you receive more oxygen, you are then able to perform at a higher level.  Running regularly will also greatly increase your stamina so you can run longer and faster.  When you add in the natural resistance provided by the sand when you run on the beach, your legs will become stronger and more toned because your muscles have to work that much harder when you run on an unstable surface.  As an added bonus, the soft sand is easier on your joints than harder surfaces like pavement so you’ll be able to keep yourself better protected from injury.  

More Resistance = More Calories Burned

In addition to helping you sculpt more defined leg muscles, running in the sand on the beach burns more calories because your body is working harder.  When you engage in cardio like running, your metabolism is boosted and your body will continue to burn calories and fat long after your workout is over.  This means that even when your body is at total rest, like when you’re sitting at a desk or watching TV, it’s still working overtime to create a healthier you.

Calories Burned

Lower Stress

Running on the beach isn’t just great for the physical benefits; it is also an excellent way to relieve stress.  When your workout takes place in a beautiful setting, your mind will feel at ease which will help you relax.  The calming sound of the crashing waves will soothe the soul, allowing you to recharge your mental and emotional batteries so that your workout does your whole body good.  Your mind, body and spirit are sure to feel restored after a run on the beach.

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