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Where do Olympic Champions Vacation in Mexico?

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Everyone loves the Olympic Games and, of course, the athletes that compete in them. One of the most beloved athletes of the past decade, Simone Biles, answers the question of where do Olympic champions vacation at during the summer? by spending her time in one of the most incredible vacation spots for athletes in Mexico: Cancun.  

Cancun: Olympic Athletes’ Paradise

Olympic Champions vacation in Cancun
Garza Blanca Cancun’s beach

This past April, winding down after the Beijing Olympics, the seven-time Olympic medalist headed down to Cancun with seven of her besties. Biles brought her unique and fabulous vibe to the luxurious resort along with the ultimate dream squad. She uploaded some amazing Insta stories and showed the world how she chills with her girls while enjoying a welcome Mimosa at the glorious Garza Blanca Hotel.

Summer is the time for relaxation, and some of the world’s best athletes take full advantage of it. With their rigorous training schedule, they deserve to spend some time off to get some R&R, spend a day at a luxurious spa, and party with their friends. Plenty of high-performance athletes often go to exotic locations like Cancun, where Garza Blanca offers top-notch facilities and services worthy of a gold medal

Who Can I Bump Into In Cancun?

You can probably approach any celebrities in Cancun, just be mindful to do so with respect! You may feel like you are at the Summer Olympics when traveling and finding Simone Biles in Cancun!

Whether looking for some time off between training seasons or taking up a new challenge by doing some training at the beach, you will find international Olympic athletes and Mexican athletes as well. Remember that even though gold medalists are often treated like celebrities when returning home, they need their privacy and space. 

Where do Olympic medal winners stay in Cancun?

Although you may imagine Olympic Champions Vacation at the craziest spots on the planet, they go on very similar trips as you do! Only 2 and a half hours away from Mexico City by plane, Cancun is a popular destination because it has excellent weather year-round. The food is delicious, there are many cultural activities to keep you busy, and the nightlife offers something for everyone with nightclubs, bars, and live music. This city also offers plenty of activities to create a perfect balance between fun and relaxation. 

Where do Olympic medal winners stay in Cancun?
Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Cancun

Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Cancun is a luxury resort located in Cancun’s Caribbean coast that was designed with Olympian greatness in mind. It has amenities like a private beach, a see-through pool, and a world-class spa perfect for any athlete looking for some serious treatments. Its restaurant is intended to be able to accommodate large groups but still feel cozy and private. At the same time, their top-notch suites feature private terraces with swim-up pools, hammocks, a free-standing soaking bathtub, and dedicated butler service.  

Eating at Garza Blanca

Restaurants at Garza Blanca Cancun
Gourmet dish at Hiroshi restaurant in Cancun

Enjoy an exclusive foodie experience that redefines the concept of all-inclusive resort dining and will exceed your highest expectations with restaurants such as Hiroshi and Dao. You will also find that Garza Blanca Cancun offers an extensive assortment of options for every mood and appetite, whether you choose to visit its restaurants or take advantage of the sensational 24 hr room service.

Garza Blanca’s Best Kept Secret  

Spa Imagine in Cancun
Spa Imagine in Cancun

Now, for a spa that any Olympic committee would approve of, Spa Imagine has a Divine Menu that can obfuscate any sporting event’s opening ceremony! One of the best spa treatments for athletes available right now is the Binary Premium by RÖS’S. This state-of-the-art full-body therapy is an excellent option for sports injuries as well as their prevention. 

Some of the benefits that can be achieved by using this high-tech treatment are the following:

  • Removal of scar tissue and adhesions from injuries, which helps in reducing inflammation and pain.
  • Promotion of healing with lymphatic drainage, assisting nutrients in circulating to damaged areas, and promoting recovery.
  • Assessment of injuries, which allows them to recommend the appropriate treatment.
Binary Premium by RÖS'S
Binary Premium by RÖS’S treatment

So go ahead and try this high-tech treatment that helps recover muscle wounds and has great skin-firming and muscle-toning effects. This non-invasive spa treatment uses non-invasive electrostimulation and capacitive and resistive diathermy. This device provides a one-of-a-kind experience that both Olympic Champions and you can take advantage of. 

FYI, you can catch a glimpse of Simone Biles at Spa Imagine in her Insta stories! 

Vacation Like the Great Ones Do

Now that the word is out, head down to this iconic Mexican city, take a break from your daily routine and relax, eat, and party like Olympic champions! While you are down there, you may even pick up a sport and, who knows, maybe you’ll be participating in the next Olympic games! 


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