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Exclusive Adventures – Tours in Puerto Vallarta

Exclusive Adventures - Tours in Puerto Vallarta

Did you know that you can book the best tours in Puerto Vallarta at Exclusive Adventures, the onsite travel agency at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa? The tour agency is located next to the Residence Club sales room on site at Garza Blanca and is open to all guests from 10am until 8pm.

We spoke to Ramón Peredo, the tour agency manager at Exclusive Adventures, to find out how guests can make the most of the tour services on offer. Read this short interview:

Why should guests book tours at Exclusive Adventures?

Firstly, all of the members of our team really know what they are talking about when it comes to the best tours in Puerto Vallarta, being able to recommend the perfect fit for guests. We have experienced all the tours first-hand, having been on all of them. We make sure that when we are talking to our clients we are speaking from real experience. Every time there is a new tour in Puerto Vallarta, we make it our priority to check it out and make sure that it is up to the standards that we like to offer our members and guests.

On the other hand, I have been running this department since 2011 and know all the tour companies in the area and know the quality of their services and the types of experiences they offer. Exclusive Adventures only works with the most reputable Puerto Vallarta tour companies, all of which are fully insured. We ensure that our guests receive the best experiences at the best prices.

What tours in Puerto Vallarta do you recommend?

There really are so many to choose from. The best advice is for guests to visit us at the agency so we can help them find the best experiences in Puerto Vallarta to match their tastes and preferences. However, if I had to make a selection, I would recommend the following:

The Marigalante pirate ship should be a priority, especially for those people who have never been to Puerto Vallarta before.

The Marigalante is one of the most iconic tours in Puerto Vallarta: there is a day tour with snorkelling and treasure hunts and a night tour with an amazing show, three-course dinner and fireworks.

Another favorite is the Rhythms of the Night tour that sails to Caletas beach: the day tour has lots of outdoors activities like snorkelling and paddle boarding while the night tour offers a great cultural show and dinner.

Rhythms of the Night - Puerto Vallarta

photo by marivalresidences

The Outdoor Adventure is also really popular, packed with activities: you start the tour on a speed boat, then you go on horseback, followed by zipline and rappel; at the end there are slides too.

For guests who want a more laid back cultural tour, Hidden Mexico is a great choice. This tour takes you to the Vallarta Botanical Gardens followed by visiting the traditional Mexican village of El Tuito, where you have lunch in the river! Literally sat in the river. They put the tables into the river and you are eating with your feet in the water.

Hiking to river - Puerto Vallarta

Are there any discounts?

There are discounts for those guests who sign up for a VIP Platinum Plus card, which they can apply for with the concierge upon arrival. If you are eligible for this card, you will get between a 15% and 50% discount depending on the tour as well as discounts at the restaurants and spa.

How do you pay for the tours in Puerto Vallarta?

That is a good question. We cannot charge the tours to guests’ suites, so in order to make reservations, guests must bring a valid credit card or cash to pay for the tours.

Where is Exclusive Adventures located?

Our main agency is located next to the Residence Club sales room at Garza Blanca, or you can find a representative at the beachfront swimming pool. You can book your tours in Puerto Vallarta at both of these locations.

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