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Let Your Senses Come Alive at “Hecho en Mexico”

Let Your Senses Come Alive at “Hecho en Mexico”

This coming May, it is once again time for the 5th annual Hecho en Mexico event at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta. This year’s “Made in Mexico” event will be divided into the following 4 categories: Gastronomy, Fashion, Music and Art. Every week, one of these four sections will be inaugurated with an exciting main event that officially opens each week’s festivities. In addition, various workshops and exhibitions will take place during the remainder of each week that are all dedicated to the particular week’s theme.

Hecho en Mexico means “Made in Mexico”

Let Your Senses Come Alive at “Hecho en Mexico”

This annual tradition was developed in order to celebrate the many parts of Mexican culture that are so special and unique. Garza Blanca and Hotel Mousai center the celebration around the 4 themes, and invite a special guest to be featured during each week. Although the exact event details are still under wraps, you can expect to see an accomplished chef, an innovative and upcoming fashion designer, incredible musicians displaying a variety of musical genres, and finally creative and inspiring artists who will proudly share their masterpieces with guests.

Gastronomy Week: Savor the Flavors of Mexico

During the Gastronomy week, the featured chef will be on hand to share their culinary expertise and passion with festival attendees. Visitors will enjoy a variety of workshops including chocolate making where guests can participate in an hands on experience in the chocolate making progress from beginning to the end. Everyone loves the final product when chocolate is involved! Also, expert cheese makers will be on hand to explain the artisanal cheese elaboration process along with savory cheese samples to tempt your taste buds. And what Mexican celebration wouldn’t be complete with a course on the preparation of typical Mexican dishes that we all know and love? Lastly, there will several wine and tequila tastings that you won’t want to miss. With a focus on fine wines from top producing wineries in Mexico, you can get to know wines from this up and coming wine market that is earning Mexico a respected name world wide as a quality producer in the wine industry. Mexico is the birthplace of tequila, so get ready to taste the finest and smoothest tequilas you have ever had. At Garza Blanca, the focus is on quality tequila that speaks for itself.

Fashion Week: More Than a Runway

Fashion Week: More Than a Runway

During Fashion Week, there will be a captivating fashion show that every fashionista has to attend. This year’s featured fashion designer will put together an exciting fashion show that will mesmerize guests, and introduce them to new and avant-garde designs.  In addition, guests will be able to attend informative workshops on how textiles are processed, and learn more about the art and intricacies of belt embroidery. In addition, you will find handmade hat displays and traditional Mexican jewellery will be available for purchase. Take your time to peruse all the great selections of jewellery and hats, so you can take home a beautiful piece of wearable art for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a love one.

Music Week: Mariachi, Marimba & Trio

Music week will include a major concert featuring an impressive local orchestra.  There is nothing quite like the powerful sounds of an orchestra as they weave together the beautiful notes and sounds that vibrate within us all. Visitors will be enchanted by an array of incredible live music including traditional Mariachi, Marimba and Trio. In addition, your eyes will be able to feast on the colorful costumes of spirited and vibrant folkloric dancers that will perform in various restaurants on the Garza Blanca grounds. With feet stomping and skirts swinging, there is nothing quite like a traditional folklore dance when viewed live. You simply can’t miss this passionate performance!

Art Week: Local Talent Present Works of Art

Last but not least, Art week will come with lots of bells and whistles of its own to end the Hecho en Mexico festival with a bang.  Art week will be filled with beautiful paintings and sculpture exhibitions featuring talented artists that will impress art lovers from near and far. In addition, guests can roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty during one of the educational painting workshops where you can create your very own masterpiece. You will also make sure to catch the blown glass demonstration where you can see up close and personal how these artisans create such delicate and fascinating glass designs. Looking for a nice piece of art to take home with you? There will be clay figurines and authentic Huichol art for sale that will make a beautiful and endearing keepsake to take home with you.

Make sure to mark your calendar as the month of May is all about celebrating the beauty, culture and vibrant colors of Mexico. Don’t miss this year’s Hecho En Mexico 2019 at Garza Blanca in Puerto Vallarta.