Basketball Courts at Garza Blanca

The brand new Outdoor Play and Fitness Center is a wonderful place to play basketball at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta. Just imagine the warm sun beaming down on you while you are shooting some hoops with your buddies, surrounded by the natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta’s jungle-covered mountains. As the new courts at Garza Blanca are multi-use, you can also play tennis or engage in other activities according to the activities schedule such as the Xtreme Outdoor Camp.

Basketball Tournaments

Basketball Tournaments
If you love playing basketball, and you are ready for some competition, then Garza Blanca’s basketball courts are the best place to join in on the resort’s regular basketball tournaments. Guests can sign up to play or be a spectator three times a week. If you would rather use the basketball courts for your own private game or practice, then you can reserve a full court from 6pm thru 8pm or a half court reservation from 8 am thru 6 pm. Get your heart pumping and your adrenaline raised with a good game of basketball.

Resort Activities

The environment and scenery that surrounds the basketball courts are just amazing, but if you would rather be in an air-conditioned building to watch a game, then you can do that too, relaxing in an elegant air-conditioned outhouse that is next to the courts.

There are other exciting activities at the Outdoor Play and Fitness Center. You can enjoy tennis, squash, or you can work out and train with the fitness instructor at the Garza Blanca Xtreme Outdoor Camp. Professional trainers can help you get your body in shape with one of the aerobic routines, or strength training. Are you ready for an intense workout, then the Garza Blanca’s Xtreme Outdoor Camp might just be for you.