Riviera Maya
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Beaches: Playa Delfines in Cancun

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There is so much to explore when it comes to admiring the clear blue waters and white sandy coastline around Cancun, but one spot that really stands out is Playa Delfines (Dolphin Beach). It is also known as The Lookout or El Mirador because the location is free of man-made buildings like restaurants, hotels and other facilities. It’s just a nice spot where you can soak in the beautiful scenery while soaking in some sun.  

Getting to Playa Delfines from Riviera Maya

Contrary to most beaches in Cancun, the parking is free when you take the drive to Playa Delfines. It’s still a pleasant ride even if you decide to get there by taxi or bus. Either way, you will find the ride there to be quite simple. If you prefer not to carry much with you such as your own chairs or umbrella, these can be rented after you get there. An added comfort is knowing the restrooms are well-kept and clean, which makes for an even more relaxing trip.  

There’s also something for the children if you are bringing the whole family. There is a playground for those who want to do more adventurous play, and there are also palapas around in case you find yourself wanting to get out of the sun and into some deep shade. There are no restaurants here, but there are local vendors that you can go to when you want something to eat. With this in mind, it’s possible to plan the entire day at Playa Delfines.

El Mirador

Playa Delfines is definitely Cancun’s lookout spot of the Caribbean Sea.  You can take some of the best pictures around when you take them from the wooden lookout are that has a colorful spelling of the word “Cancun.” This beach has some breathtaking views of the blue-green waters, and you can explore the waves while taking a splash near the shore.  

El Mirador

Beach safety

It doesn’t matter that there are lifeguards on the job during the day at the beach because you still need to use caution when swimming out in the rougher waters. For surfers, the rougher areas are great for surfing—especially since the waves tend to be consistent here. So, if you have the knack for surfing, you can rent a board while still in town (because no one rents them on the beach) and catch some waves.

Beach safety

If you want to have one of the best memories of the ideal trip, then Playa Delfines is the right place to visit!