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Basketball Court at Garza Blanca – Why play?

You’ll Get Stronger

Basketball is a great sport to play if you want to add some serious cardio to your exercise regime! Better still, it’s just plain fun! You don’t need to be Stephen Curry to get enjoyment from playing this sport; whether you’re shooting hoops by yourself or you’re playing in competitive leagues you’ll find that basketball can help you to attain and maintain an impressive level of fitness.

Here’s why you should take advantage of the Basketball court in Garza Blanca Resort & Spa:

It’s a Major Calorie Burner

The lateral movements, jumping, and running involved in basketball make it a great aerobic workout which burns a huge amount of calories per hour!

Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Basketball raises your heart rate (due to aforementioned factors), and better still keeps it up there while you play. This means that you can expect to see an improvement in cardiovascular endurance if you play regularly; this will also decrease your risk of suffering from heart disease or strokes!

You’ll Get Stronger

This is an intense, full-body workout which will help you to build lean, strong muscle in your legs, neck, back, and deltoids as well as your arms, and muscles, and wrist flexors. This is due to the range of movement that basketball involves.

Basketball Court at Garza Blanca - Why play?


Gain Healthier Bones

Basketball moves, especially jumping, help to strengthen bones by stimulating the formation of new bone tissue. Regularly playing could make your bones harder to break!

Develop Motor Skills and Coordination

Dribbling starts out as a hand-eye coordination exercise, like free-throw shooting and jump shooting, and later becomes a motor coordination task (like rebounding missed shots). Overall Basketball can make you more agile, stronger, and healthier.

It’s a Mental Challenge

A good basketball player is not only strong, fast, and agile, they are smart! Playing basketball improves your situational judgement and helps you to make quick decisions while processing information. You may find that you’re making more effective decisions more quickly, both on and off the court, before too long.

Lower Stress and Boost Your Immunity

It’s a fairly well known fact that sports like football and basketball can help to increase energy levels and reduce stress; social games, in particular, can help to combat loneliness, depression, and even strengthen the immune system!

Increase Confidence

Teamwork and communication are key to basketball. This is why playing regularly can help you to improve your social skills and may leave you feeling better equipped to deal with challenges in your wider life as your confidence improves.

Encourages Self-Discipline

Rule breaking in a group sport like basketball can result in your entire team being penalized; such responsibility encourages self-discipline and a “greater good” mentality that goes beyond your individual wants and needs.

Well, now you know why basketball is an underrated sport; go enjoy that court and shoot some hoops while you vacation at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa.