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From the artful delivery of his dishes to his innovative pairing of ingredients, chef John Um is at the top of his game as the current regional corporate sushi chef for SUSHISAMBA locations in Las Vegas, Miami Beach and Coral Gables.  Growing up in Seoul, South Korea surrounded by incredibly fresh foods encouraged his profound attraction to the culinary arts, which, unsurprising to those close to him, became his livelihood.  

His grandmother was a driving force in his life and her vocation as a diver made quite an impact on his impressionable mind and adventurous palate.  As a child, he learned to savor fresh seafood such as abalone and sea urchin that would cause most children to turn up their noses.  He was also heavily influenced by the rest of his artistically inclined family, from his mother who was an exquisite potter to an aunt who was a masterful painter, whose trained eyes provided creative inspiration for the next generation. He has translated this key aspect of his background brilliantly to his current role at SUSHISAMBA, designing conceptually presented dishes that put the colorful beauty and texture of Japanese cuisine into the forefront.  

As he explains, “The key to the culinary experience is striking a balance: achieving an end result that is equal parts taste and presentation. In many ways, I consider this process an art. Oftentimes when I plate dishes, I draw inspiration from the aesthetics incorporated in painting.”



At the age of sixteen, he moved to the U.S. to seek a career that would further his knowledge in sushi and Japanese cuisine.  His career quickly took off, starting out as sushi sous chef in Tennessee and advancing to executive sushi chef at Sushi Rosen and The Sushi.  His current role at SUSHISAMBA has allowed him to apply both his informal and professional culinary arts training as he seamlessly blends ethereal platings with impeccable technique.  Further pushing himself, he keeps diners on their toes with a fresh new creation each day that will never be repeated.   

Chef John Um from SushiSamba will be joining Hiroshi Restaurant at Hotel Mousai for Omakase on June 16th, 17th, 18th, 2016. For more information and reservations, click here.


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