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10 Accessories Trends To Try For Summer

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Turn heads during your vacation with all of the latest summer accessories trends! Not only will you look the part, you’ll also feel beautiful and confident as you strut your stuff poolside!

We have put together a list of the top 10 summer accessories that will add personality and flare to your vacation wardrobe.

As a tip, this year’s most popular accessory trends are inspired by bright colors, especially blues, yellows, and neutral tones like blush.

1. A Straw Hat

girl with hat on the beach

You can’t do summer without a straw hat! Not only does the timeless accessory protect your delicate facial skin from sun damage, it also adds the perfect touch of glam and elegance to complete your poolside look!

The straw hat comes in various different styles, ranging from the cowgirl fit to the bucket type, but the style that is trending for summer is the raffia straw hat.

Lack of Color is a popular Australian brand. If you are searching for the perfect straw hat to complement your warm-weather outfits, the Ventura Straw Hat is a top pick. Trimmed with a classy black ribbon, it is sure to complete your vacation look. Shop it now.

2. A Chic Round Beach Towel

round beach towel

You may have seen the latest trend of stunning round beach towels taking Instagram by storm and wondering what it’s all about!

As well as looking great in photos and aesthetically beautiful with an abundance of styles, patterns, colors, and textures available, the round beach towel is also very practical. The spacious circumference and shape offer more space and comfortability than a rectangular towel.

You can get your own by looking on, where you’ll find numerous styles and color patterns!

3. Braided Headbands

girl headbands

Headbands are the ultimate lazy girl hair hack as one can easily create an effortlessly beautiful hairstyle in minutes. Knotted headbands are the new “It” accessory for summer and hundreds of different colors and styles are out there.

We especially love the Terry Cloth Knotted Headband available from Revolve, as the trendy fabric and beachy tones perfectly complement a beachside ambiance.

4. Beaded Beachy Bracelets

beachy bracelets

Our list of top summer accessories wouldn´t be complete without adding beaded beachy bracelets; they are the perfect accessory for your summer vacation and match the Bohemian trend of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Beach beads allow you to express yourself through color, style, and use of words.

The wonderful thing about beach beads is that you can either build them yourself following a simple technique or have one designed through a website.

We love the personalized Rainbow Heishi Beaded Name Bracelet available from, which allows you to pick out the color of the letters. The bright rainbow-colored bracelet is the perfect accessory to wear at beaches and pool parties. Order more than one and wear them stacked or personalize one for a friend.

5. Face Mask Chain

Face Mask Chain

Now that mask wearing has become part of the ‘new normal’, why not glam it up a little? Face mask necklaces are an easy and cute way of jazzing up your mask game. They’re also very practical as you can leave your mask around your neck without worry about dropping or misplacing it.

Add to your summer style and shop the Nikki Mini Face Mask Chain Strap featured in Vogue. The chain necklace is top quality and versatile. Buy it here.

6. Personalized Apple Watch Bands

Personalized Apple Watch Bands

Sporting a fashionable Apple Watch band is great way to complete your colorful summer look and with such a huge range out there, you can really be expressive with the style. is a trusted and popular online retailer that features hundreds of Apple Watch bands, ranging from the colorful patterns, to animal prints, to more earthy tones. Many of the sellers also offer the option of personalization.

7. Sunglasses

girl wearing sunglasses

Sunglasses are a statement piece and among the top summer accessories. As well as being fashionable, the practical use of sunglasses is significant as they lower the risk of the sun rays damaging your eyes. We advise to invest in sunglasses that are polarized, which acts as a screen offering more protection for your eyes.

This year’s top sunglasses trend is the classic cats eye shape frame with lightly tinted gradient lenses, especially those of a pink tone!

You can find the perfect pair of sunglasses on The Australian company is a favorite with celebrities including Beyonce and Meghan Markle. The sunglasses feature an on-trend cats eye shape and polarized rose gold lenses.

8. Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags aren’t only chic and fashionable, they’re also so handy when you’re on vacation as they allow your hands to roam free and your belongings to remain close to you while exploring.

Crossbody bags are usually small in size, making them perfect to carry your daytime essentials such as sunblock, sunglasses, and hand sanitizer.

The ultimate crossbody bag trend for summer is the rattan style! You can purchase a stunning rattan crossbody bag from J.Crew with a fun circular shape, making it the perfect accessory for any beach outfit.

9. Neon Necklaces

girl wearing neon necklaces

After a lacklustre past year, what everyone needs is to add a bit of flare to their outfits with a vibrant injection of color. Add a pop of neon green or hot pink for an edge of cool to any outfit

Create personality and dimension to your summer outfit with a colorful variety of layered necklaces. Choose colors that have an impact and give you a ready to vacation look.

Shop and discover a world of neon necklaces and chains.

10. The Right Nail Polish

best nail polish combinations

And last but not least, to complete your ultimate summer vacation look, make sure your nail varnish is on point! This summer opt for bright, seasonal tones such as orange, light blue, or pastel yellow.

You can purchase an array of beautiful and bright nail polishes that last from OPI.

We hope you found our guide on summer accessories helpful and use it to look the part around cool rooftop infinity pools this summer!


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