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Best Hotel Reviews

Best Hotel Reviews

Whether you found your stay impeccably wonderful and you want to sing the praises of the establishment and staff alike, or you had some issues that you think the hotel should know about, writing hotel reviews is a great skill. Not only will you be able to give fellow travelers good advice, but you’ll find that the skill is transferable to other areas of life!

Here are some tips to consider when writing up your next hotel reviews for TripAdvisor, TravBuddy, or TravelPost…

Provide some context

Let people know a little about you and the purpose of your trip; do you travel often, what kind of accommodations and activities do you usually favor? Who do you usually travel with, and who were you traveling with this time (if anyone)? This can help people who are reading your hotel reviews to decide if the issues that were a problem to you, would be a problem to them.

Talk about specific details

Talk about the kind of room you stayed in, your view, the mattress, the wifi strength; anything that made a difference to your vacation. You would be surprised by just how much the little things matter to some people, so if you can think of anything, especially something YOU would have wanted to know before arriving, be sure to include it. The devil is in the details, they say!

Take care over drafting

You don’t need to cram your hotel reviews with vocabulary stretching brain-busters, but you should be coherent, concise, descriptive, and careful of your grammar and spelling. This is the best way to get your point across with minimal misunderstandings.

A picture is worth a thousand words

If you have photo evidence of your hotel you should definitely make them available to complement your hotel review. There are plenty of sites which allow for photo uploads in hotel reviews, and they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words!

Write about the location

Give a general idea of where the hotel is in relation to all the amenities and main activities; let everyone know if the beach really is as close as they say, and give a general indication of the length of the ride from the airport. All of this is important information for your hotel review.


Let your readers know if the hotel provided the kind of amenities that you would expect from an establishment of that type/size/star rating. Things like the pool, restaurant, bar, room service, and TV/Cable are things that can really make or mar an experience.

Credit where credit is due

If the staff were the one bright spot in a bad experience, or they were as fantastic as the suites, it’s important that you express this in your hotel reviews! Revealing the names of staff members involved in positive experiences is a great touch and helps managers see who deserves a bonus! For negative experiences with staff, your best course of action is to speak directly to the hotel management team so that the situation can be sorted out more quickly.