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Things to do in Riviera Maya: Crococun Zoo

Things to do in Riviera Maya: Crococun Zoo

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You might be wondering if you can possibly consider anything else to do in the Riviera Maya; the whole area is so full of wonderful experiences, sights, and activities that it quickly becomes hard to pick just a few things to dedicate your hard-won vacation time to. However, if you have your family with you, there are very few family-friendly days out which will excite and inform quite like a tour of the famous Crococun Zoo which can be found just 20 miles south of Cancun and about 20 miles north of Playa del Carmen.

Crococun Zoo in the Riviera Maya

Crococun Zoo was founded in 1982 and has since been rescuing regional animals like the protected white-tailed deer. The impressive collection of animals here include parrots, spider monkeys, turtles, macaws, crocodiles, and utterly charming Mexican hairless dogs called Xoloitzcuintli.  

Crococun Zoo in the Riviera Maya

Crocs and more

Crocodiles are, arguably, Crococun’s real claim to fame, and many people are drawn in by the fact that you can walk amongst the resident crocs here at the zoo in the Riviera Maya, but there is so much more to the tour! You will be escorted by a bilingual and knowledgeable guide, who will begin your adventure with a unique opportunity to get your picture taken with a parrot on your shoulder. After this you will take an hour and a half meandering walk around the lush ground to see a host of animals.

As the tour goes on, you’ll be able to see crocodiles of all sizes and ages. There are baby crocodiles swimming in their little ponds, but also some of the really gigantic examples of these prehistoric creatures. If you’re feeling brave you can even choose a small crocodile to have your photograph taken with; this is a once in a lifetime chance.

Do you love Monkeys?

If you were to ask people who have visited the zoo for their highlights, the Spider Monkeys would likely be high on most lists. The spider monkeys of Crococun live high in the canopy, and are free to do as they please; you’re likely to hear them before you see them! At the gate you can buy banana pieces to give to them as a treat. You will be instructed to put them in little baskets that the clever primates will pull up to themselves on ropes, and probably lower back down for more! It’s easy to see why everyone falls in love with these cheeky monkeys! 

Do you love Monkeys
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The Yucatan’s White-Tailed Deer

The white-tailed deer that can be found here are part of a fairly successful breeding program which is aimed at replenishing the once plentiful population of this protected species. They live in a special, spacious area which is fenced off, and have the care of on-site vets and even an agronomist to ensure that they and their young stay as healthy and happy as possible. Seeing these beautiful creatures is a real treat!

The Yucatan’s White-Tailed Deer

Coffee, gifts and souvenirs

Recently Crococun Zoo has received an upgrade of sorts with the addition of a coffee shop and a gift store. Now you can sit down and recuperate after your tour with a cup of coffee and some cake, and even get a souvenir to remind you of your experience before you leave.

Entrance fees are as follows;

Children: aged 0 – 5 free – 6 – 12 $20
Adults: $30
Seniors: $18

So, why not treat your whole family to an unforgettable day out in Crocoun Zoo when you vacation in the Riviera Maya this year? We promise you won’t regret it in the slightest.


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