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Travel Babies Podcast – The Garza Blanca Cancun Review!

two girls at garza blanca cancun

The Travel Babies podcast is presented by two bubbly and honest sisters who are professional travel bloggers who travel worldwide! They share weekly podcasts with tips and tricks on how to explore the world in style, talk about important travel topics, and give honest hotel reviews and experiences. With over 19 thousand followers on Instagram and a large Spotify following, the popular Travel Babies podcast series has helped thousands of people in making traveling decisions!

On this week’s episode, the podcast is two sisters taking to the mic to give their review and experience on their recent stay at Garza Blanca Cancun!

They opened on the topic by discussing how “fast and safe” it was to fly from the United States to Cancun, Mexico. They flew direct from Boston to Cancun and did not need proof of a negative COVID-19 test to enter Mexico. They did, however, need to undergo COVID-19 testing for the return flight regardless of the fact they were vaccinated, but it was an easy process. Garza Blanca also offers an efficient on-site COVID-19 testing service.

The sisters were blown away by Garza Blanca’s luxury service and experience. They said, “Garza really focuses on their service and hospitality… We felt very VIP”.

garza blanca cancun room service

“They have ‘Experience Hosts’, who can help you with all kinds of requests, from dining reservations to having special snacks in your room. You’re specifically paired with an Experience Host who will tailor your experience at Garza Blanca”. So, as an example, if you travel with kids, your Experience Host can help you choose suitable activities for your family.

The professional bloggers stayed in an ocean view suite that featured a wrap-around balcony with a hammock, jacuzzi and stunning ocean and pool views. They described the room as ‘luxury without losing the essence of Mexico’ and a private environment. One of the sisters commented on how hearing the waves crash as she was falling asleep was one of her favorite aspects, while the other mentioned how breathtaking it was waking up to the morning sunrise.

breakfast at garza blanca cancun

A large portion of the podcast focused on the delicious and contemporary Mexican cuisine served at Garza Blanca. “Our favorite part was the food!” they said, “everything we tried was so local and so fresh. We were really impressed… they blended the local culture with what Western travelers expect”, and that the variety of good food helped them stay healthy during their vacation. The foodies also took advantage of the private in-room chef service with head chef Tiago, as well as Mezcal and Tequila tasting on the beach, which was followed by a stunning private picnic!

Garza Blanca Cancun is the newest addition to the TAFER Hotels & Resorts family and is currently operating on a soft opening however, the sisters talked about how there is still plenty to do and that their trip to the luxury resort was a great way to start their travel season!

The grand opening of Garza Blanca Cancun is slated for October 1st, 2021. To listen to the full podcast, click here.