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Looking for Romance in Mexico

Looking for Romance in Mexico?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

If you need some alternative activities to enjoy on your next romantic getaway to Mexico we have some great tips and suggestions for you.

Of course the best advice we could give you for a spur of the moment romantic activity is to talk to a local! They’ll know just where the best spots are for romantic picnics, walks, and daytrips are. They might also know where to get special gifts or treats that are specific to the area; likewise you can ask the concierge to share their knowledge.

Here are some activities you might want to try when looking for romance in Mexico:

Check out Real Estate!

Seriously! We know this sounds a bit weird, but actually it can be a great way to get to know each other better, and a fun exercise in dream-building… if you could have your dream beach house what would it look like? Find out together.

Buy art

If you’re planning for, or have just got, your first home there are few better ways to bond and make it your own than to shop for a piece of art that really means something to you. Look for something that reminds you of how you met, your first date, or even this vacation.

Swim in the Rain

Dancing in the rain is a well-worn path to romance, but there are few things as romantic and unique as going for a swim in the warm down-pours of the Mexican rainy season. This could be a new kind of foreplay.


Following your ears will always lead to fun when you’re in Mexico! Music is the food of love, and it is everywhere in Mexican cities. Romantic trios, mariachi bands, or jazz… whatever you like it’s here, and they can’t wait for people to join in with the singing and dancing.

Experience the Flavor of Mexico

When it comes to seduction food is always a strong contender, but the quickest way to a romantic experience needn’t be through a fine=dining establishment. The streets of Mexico are full of ‘street food’, and much of it could contend directly with restaurant fare when it comes to flavor. So why not base a romantic walk around hitting the best food stalls and sharing local favorites? This is a sunset stroll with a difference.


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