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Hydrotherapy at Spa Imagine

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Are you ready to indulge in extreme relaxation and soothing pampering? Then you are in for a mind-blowing treat at Spa Imagine, the world-class luxury spa at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos. The spa is located on the 9th floor and offers beautiful ocean and desert views and its contemporary and sophisticated design makes it the best place to go for pure, unadulterated pampering.

spa imagine garza blanca los cabos

To fully enjoy a relaxing treatment at Spa Imagine, whether it be an anti-aging facial, full body massage, or body wrap, it is recommended that you arrive one hour prior to your scheduled appointment time to kick start the process of total relaxation by indulging in the hydrotherapy circuit. After all, the initials “SPA” are commonly regarded to come from the Latin, ¨Salude Per Aqua¨, which means “health through water.”

If you are unsure of the best way to take advantage of the health benefits of the hydrotherapy circuit at Spa Imagine, you can enjoy a quick tour of the facilities, where one of our spa hosts will guide you through each of the steps. Otherwise, refresh yourself with the Spa Hydrotherapy steps below in preparation for your next visit.

Hydrotherapy Circuit for Exquisite Tranquility

Spa Imagine sparkles with state-of-the-art wet areas designed to un-clutter the mind and induce a state of serenity. The hydrotherapy circuit welcomes both men and women and it is the first step towards complete rest and relaxation. Blending three of nature’s most powerful restorative agents: water, heat and air, hydrotherapy stimulates, invigorates, and gently massages the body to ease aches and pains, activating the body’s metabolism and blood flow.


Stepping into the dry sauna is the first step to using the hydrotherapy circuit. It will open up the pores of your skin and facilitate rapid detoxification and eliminate toxins. Use for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes.


Taking a quick cold water plunge will stimulate blood flow and give you a rush of energy, helping to close the now clean pores. This is a quick step where you get out of the water immediately after submersion.


The warm water vitality pool features six massage stations designed to target different areas of your body including the feet, shoulders, lower back, upper back, and full body. Recommended length of time to use the vitality pool is 15 – 20 minutes.


After you have used the vitality pool, take a five to ten minute break to relax on a lounger, put your feet up, and enjoy some downtime. Our spa host will bring you a nice cup of tea to enjoy from your choice of a wonderful selection of teas. You can also rehydrate with chlorophyll water, full of antioxidants, or our VitaJuwel water which offers several benefits including softer skin and increased energy. Staying well hydrated throughout this process is important. Your spa host will also bring you a snack of cookies and mixed nuts to enjoy while you relax and rehydrate.


steam room

After your relaxation time, next on the circuit is the steam room, which you are recommended to use for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 15. The steam room helps to improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins, and get rid of dead skin cells. It is recommended to help the detoxification process.


Spa Imagine Jacuzzi at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta

To raise the body temperature that causes the blood vessels to dilate for increased circulation, you should then enter the hot Jacuzzi and stay there between 10 and 15 minutes.


The last step of the circuit is the high pressure shower which will cool your body and relax the muscles of your upper back.

*Please note that as the hydrotherapy areas are open to both men and women, swimsuits are required.

Treatment Suites like Heaven in Miniature

After using the hydrotherapy circuit, you will feel completely relaxed and ready for your treatment. To ensure you receive a tailored experience each time you arrive for a service at Spa Imagine, each treatment room is equipped with cutting-edge adjustable therapy beds and decorated with subtle details to reflect the essence of one of the seven energy centers called Chakras, all with the aim to promote balance and harmony.

Beauty is Balance

The desired intention at Spa Imagine is to support your personal beauty and wellness goals by providing an extensive selection of customized spa therapies that focus on bringing balance to the body, mind, and spirit. Employing the wisdom of ancient healing arts along with modern spa products and groundbreaking technology, our service menu is something to behold. Let our highly trained staff guide you through an experience that is unique, soothing, and personalized.


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