Luxury Cars and Your Grand Arrival Weddings Garza Blanca

How you arrive to your wedding will obviously depend on the location of your nuptials. For example, destination weddings in hotels will save you money on paying out for luxury cars or a horse and carriage to get you to your wedding on time. Even so, planning your grand entrance, whether that be the bride or groom can be another magical element to your big day.

Renting luxury cars is a popular choice and you can decide on the appropriate type of car to match your wedding theme or you could opt for something more quirky and reflective of the kind of couple you are, like arriving by horseback or speedboat.

Vintage WeddingsRolls Royce or a Bentley for Weddings Day

Arriving to a vintage wedding offers lots of opportunity for a classy entrance. Renting classic cars such as a Rolls Royce or a Bentley will add a special touch to your day. A horse and carriage is also a perfect way to make a grand entrance.

Modern Glam

For a glamorous, glitzy wedding, arriving in a limousine and leaving in a sports car may add the touch of sparkle that you are looking for. Likewise, any kind of covetable would do the trick.

Horseback or Camel for Wedding Day

Beach Weddings

If you are getting married on the beach, usually in a destination wedding, your arrival can be even more creative. Just imagine arriving on horseback or camel across the sand or making your grand entrance on a speed boat.

Alternative Weddings

Arrive by Harley-Davidson in Wedding Day

If you are opting for a completely alternative and original wedding, the options are endless. You could arrive by Harley-Davidson, a London taxi or red double-decker bus, or even skydive into your ceremony.