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Bands at your Wedding

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The right band for your wedding will depend greatly on the theme of your nuptials as well as your musical tastes and those of the majority of your guests. There are also various moments during your big day where you might wish to enjoy a band such as during the cocktail hour, while people are dining or to start the dancing.

What Kind of Band Should you Choose

violin at your wedding Hotel Garza BlancaYou should select a band depending on when they will be playing at your wedding and in accordance with your wedding theme. For example, some people may invite a band to play in the background while wedding guests are dining, others may wish the band to be playing their favorite covers to get people up and dancing instead of a DJ. In some weddings this could be the same band: they play more mellow songs during the meal and then upbeat music for the party.


Popular bands for weddings include cover bands that can prepare your favorite covers,

folk bands, big bands, and romantic duets. A lovely touch to a wedding is having the band play your first dance song, or changing the lyrics of songs to personalize the performance for your wedding.


Practicalities of Booking Band


The size of the reception venue may influence whether or not you wish to have a band play at your wedding. For a large band and their sound system, you will need to consider some kind of stage area and be sure to organize all the necessary speakers and electrical connections.

Relying on a band to set the tone and atmosphere of your party can also be tricky and you will certainly want to watch the band before you book them for your special day. If you wish the band to play your favorites to inspire your guests to dance, be sure to pass them the names of the kinds of music you wish them to prepare.


The cost of hiring a band may also influence your choice. Depending on how many

members the band has, it could be quite an expensive addition to your wedding. If you wish the band to play modern numbers if would be cheaper and more practical to have a DJ play at your wedding.


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