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Wedding Planning Dos and Don’ts

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

When planning a wedding there are often thoughts of craving everything to be perfect come the big day, and when planning a wedding you’ll find it’s a period filled with appointments, phone calls, and anticipation.

Wedding planning is an exciting time, but it’s also important not to get overwhelmed by all the information out there.

To keep your cool all the way to the altar there are some dos and don’ts you can stick to. You can walk down the aisle in calmness, concentrating on joy.

We’ve tried to highlight in this guide how to manage both expectations and wedding budgets when it comes to real weddings, but knowing too, that dreams and a creative imagination also play a huge part in a couple’s big day.

The bride and groom have an infinite number of things to ponder over when planning a wedding, yet the execution of how to plan a wedding should be fun. So here are some wedding planning tips:

Do Make Time for Yourself

Wedding planning is hard, so cut yourselves some slack. Making yourselves a priority at this time is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Keep visiting the gym, eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and using methods of self-care, to make sure you both feel and look great come the day of your nuptials.

Do Curb Your Guest List

When you’ve found a charming venue in a place you find magical, the first question is how many people should you invite?

On the day of the wedding is it a case of the smaller the better, or is a midsize wedding just, right?

Does a larger guest list mean more fun, with a multitude of wedding invitations needing sent out?

It’s not unusual to host a wedding with a surplus of 100 guests. Like-for-like venues abroad can be cheaper, and when it comes to price per head, you’ll find that your money will stretch. Catering for guests will take up approximately 50% of your budget, so discuss your wedding budget with your wedding planner, and they will guide you as to how many people you can comfortably host.

Inviting immediate and extended family, and your best friends come first. Co-workers, friends of your parents, plus-ones, or people whose weddings you attended years ago should take a back seat.

Do Surpass the Average, But Don’t Go Crazy

You have to follow the beat of your own drum when planning a wedding. Yet within the sometimes crazy world of wedding planning, how does one feel confident in their choices in an ever-changing and demanding industry?

Nobody wants a common wedding as such, yet there are many frivolous extras you can forgo throughout your wedding planning. Don’t go crazy looking at magazines and wedding websites. Focus more on love and what getting married is about.

Do Consider a Wedding Website of Your Own

Many wedding guests find that there is much to love about wedding websites dedicated to the couple they know. They offer an exciting experience by enticing guests to check their mailboxes for daily deliveries of news. Wedding websites are easy and free to set up.

Don’t forget to feed your guest’s imaginations, or zap them a digital request, with stories of what’s happening, any questions, and pictures of the hotel. Wedding invitations can also be sent through your website, cutting down on expenses while being environmentally friendly.

Do Pick the Right Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses for getting married on the beach should be lightweight, and breezy. Cute separates such as shawls, or a white summer umbrella, give a look that is glamorous for year-round summer weather, and you can even wear your string bikini underneath! For comfort, encourage your maid of honor and bridesmaids to do the same.

Summer sandals adorned with gems, charms, and pom-poms are excellent as footwear, as is going barefoot in the sand!

For the groom, it’s a lovely idea to have a hand-made suit and shirt made by a local business or vendor and your wedding planner can have this arranged in advance.

Do Have Hair and Makeup Trials

The beauty experts at the beauty salon at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos know how to deliver looks with instant impact. They will never make you wade too far out of your comfort zones, keeping colors and styles to your liking.

To be able to do this a trial is a must. They need a heads up on the hues and shades that will suit your skin, and a chance to find out if you prefer a vibrant or a more subtle look. They also need to see what hairstyles flatter your face.

Treat yourselves to some bright manicures or pedicures with vacation-inspired nail art the night before too.

Do Invite Your Guests to Relax Throughout the Hotel

The layout of Garza Blanca Los Cabos means that gatherings can be set up on the beach or on the Rooftop. Both are flexible places to host a wedding ceremony surrounded by views of the ocean, and swaying palm trees.

And after the ceremony, delicious food, and touches of your chosen decor can include white linen tables and chairs, lending an easygoing exuberance that’s simply party gold.

For an indoor celebration, the Banquet Hall combines contemporary flair with traditional grandeur. Situated on the highest floors of the hotel, it’s perfect for a gorgeous fairy-tale evening or a wedding party made of dreams. Dinners can set up there too, in themes of the world’s most elegant restaurants!

Do Shoot for The Best Photographer

A talented photographer’s ability to take a wide variety of shots that vary in style is one of their distinguishing characteristics; however, you should not immediately book someone just because their portfolio is to your liking.

Your wedding photographer should be well-versed in taking shots in and around your hotel. Take your wedding planner’s advice here on the best local person for the job.

Garza Blanca Wedding Packages

Don’t Overspend on Flowers

You may find many flowers have to be imported or are unavailable. Brides who are set on specific flower varieties may end up paying exorbitant prices if they are not grown locally or in season.

Brides who are more open-minded and receptive to flowers other than their original choices may be pleasantly surprised by what else is available in the tropics.

Don’t Expect Guests to Pay for Drinks

It isn’t ideal to have your guests pay for drinks and have waiters running around organizing separate bills. Your guests have shelled out for gifts, travel expenses, and something to wear.

An open bar or a cocktail hour is one way you can say thank you to your bridal party and guests for honoring you. Providing beer, a few tasty margaritas, mezcal cocktails, and some healthier options, is a kind gesture.

Also, the hotel sommelier’s advice is usually to serve a pure and elegant white wine and a fine and expressive red wine with the wedding banquet. Check out package deals at the hotel.

Don’t Focus on Should-Haves

If anything ‘went wrong’ on the day of the wedding, it is likely you will look back on that moment with fondness. Mishaps can be hilariously funny, unique, and a good laugh to look back on.

What’s the Limit on Wedding Size

Remember to hold all memories as confirmation of a powerful truth about yourselves – you exalted the best day of your lives, in style, with fantastic feelings that probably can’t be put into words. Most of it will be down to your excellent wedding planning skills.


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