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High Intensity Interval Exercise

High Intensity Interval Exercise

HIIT training, or High Intensity Interval Training, is a method of training which involves bursts of intense activity interspersed with periods of rest. This is actually a really effective way to work out, and will whip you into shape in quick time. For example, you could run as fast as you can for one minute and rest for one, or doing as many squats as you can in a minute before resting. When you use HIIT routines regularly you will see results fairly quickly.

Efficient Exercise

High Intensity Interval Training is a great solution for anyone who has a hectic schedule; it can be done on your lunch break, and still leave you some time to eat. What’s more it can get you into shape fairly quickly for an upcoming event! Research has shown that when completed three times per week short periods of HIIT training can produce better results than a an hour on the treadmill. Hit Intensity Interval Training has also been shown to improve aerobic capacity at a higher rate; 2 weeks of regular High Intensity Interval Training can yield the same results as 6 to 8 weeks of regular endurance training.

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Burn Calories

Such intense periods of exertion cause your body to burn more calories both during the session and for the next 24 hours.

No need for expensive technology

No fancy equipment is needed to participate in High Intensity Interval exercise; anything that gets your heart rate up quickly will do nicely. This includes jumping lunges, high knees, and fast feet (though this list is not exhaustive).

Burn Pounds of Fat, Not Muscle

It’s common to lose muscle mass as the result of a diet (and also when you maintain the same speed throughout a cardio workout). High Intensity Interval exercise workouts and weight training allow you to hang on to your muscle whilst losing fat.

Raise your Metabolism

One of the biggest benefits of High Intensity Interval exercise is the stimulation of your HGH (human growth hormone) by up to 450% in the 24 hours after a workout. This not only ups the number of calories you burn, but slows down the aging process to boot!

No need to head to the gym

High Intensity Interval exercise can be done anywhere, any time. From a tiny apartment balcony to a hotel room high intensity interval training is a real jack of all trades! After all it’s a simple concept; push yourself as hard as you can for as short burst, rest, and then repeat. How you do this doesn’t really matter, just get your heart up!


High Intensity Interval exercise means working to your limit from start to finish so you’ll have no time to chat or read a book! The plus side is that HIIT workouts can literally take half the time of a regular work out!

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Shake up your regular work-out routine with High Intensity Interval exercise and you could be seeing results much, much sooner than you ever expected!