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Is Fall a Good Time to Go to Cancun?

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Cancun is famous for its glorious weather, breathtaking beaches, and thriving party scene, but when is the best time to go? A bustling and lively city, Cancun has an array of events and activities that can make it hard to know when to go. Knowing when is the best time to plan your trip is essential. Consider the following factors when planning your trip to Cancun.


Although Cancun is known for having a great year-round climate, certain seasons are more comfortable than others. As fall begins to set in, the temperature drops to a balmy average of 80 degrees Fahrenheit making it a good time to go to Cancun. Humidity also virtually disappears, making for a very agreeable climate.

The best months to visit are from December through April. These are the months when rain is at its lowest and the hurricane season has passed. Warm, balmy days are perfect for relaxing beach days, jungle trekking, or general sightseeing. Ocean temperatures are significantly cooler during this period, which makes for a refreshing swim. It can get a little cool at night, so it’s worth packing a light jacket or sweater for this time of year.

However, the months of September, October, and November also offer their own charm and are still a good time to go to Cancun. Although generally somewhat hotter in temperature, the increase is eased by refreshing rains and is easily navigated.

There are some great deals to be found during these months. Take advantage of the good deals while avoiding the high-season crowds. If you prefer a less crowded atmosphere and a laid-back feeling, then this is the time to go. Fellow tourists abound without the feeling of being crowded.

If fun, adventure, or just plain old rest and relaxation are what you’re after, then Cancun never disappoints; there is something for everyone’s taste.

What to do in September?

Visit Chichen Itza

Another great reason to visit Cancun is the majestic architectural site of Chichen Itza. A mere couple of hours away by car these ethereal structures; a mixture of pyramids and buildings are a must-see. The site lays home to 5 different buildings each with its own purpose.

Chichen Itza

The city was made up of El Castillo (The Castle) which is the principal pyramid. It also includes a former government building (Las Monjas) and most notably a ‘Cenote’ which is rumored to have been a place of human sacrifice.

The former Mayan city served as a center of political and economic power. Interestingly Chichen-Itza was home to roadways and sidewalks long before its European counterparts.

The Fall Equinox is a great time to visit the area. The principal pyramid of Quetzalcoatl represents both day and night. On this special day, the late afternoon sun creates a shadow-like illusion of a snake creeping down its northern staircase.

In symbolic terms, the snake represents the unification of heaven, earth, and the underworld. It also represents both day and night. A once-a-year spectacle that is not to be missed if visiting Cancun. This event alone draws thousands of visitors to the site each year.

Chichen Itza

If you prefer the cooler notes of the evening, stick around for Chichen Itza light and sound show, which is held on Tuesdays. A dazzling after-dark spectacle is guaranteed. After dark admission to the park provides an alternative perspective of the site as the monuments are lit up with spotlights.

What to do in October?

Be part of a Unique Day of the Dead Celebration

Here at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Cancun, we lay on a host of events and activities so that you never have to search for something to do. We know the importance of making fun memories with loved ones and are here to make your stay as pleasurable as possible.

Novembera good month to go to Cancun

The pre-Hispanic Mexican tradition of ‘The Day of the Dead’ (El día de Muertos) is one of Mexico’s most famed celebrations. The celebration marks the temporary return of the dearly departed back to their families for just one day.

While here on earth they can savor their favorite foods offered to them on an altar in their honor while also reconnecting with their loved ones. Family members of the dead lay out the foods that they had previously loved. The families believe that they will become hungry on their journey and do so out of love and remembrance for their deceased.

Garza Blanca Cancun is a proudly Mexican company and honors the day in typical Mexican flair with a huge celebration with live entertainment on November 2nd. Mexican culture denotes that the departed return to us through smells, songs, and sensations.

Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving a good time to go to Cancun

November can also be a good time to go to Cancun. The weather is now cooling significantly and makes for a pleasant time of year.

Here in Mexico, we understand the deep significance of family and giving thanks for all that we have. We align deeply with these values and embrace the American celebration of Thanksgiving as our own.

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than being surrounded by your loved ones in this tropical paradise?

Cancun has a wealth of activities and something for everyone’s taste. It’s hard not to love the place. Unforgettable memories will leave you wanting more. We hope to see you here!


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