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Karuma is the Best Grill Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta

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Grilled food is arguably the earliest form of cuisine in human history. Dating back to when hunters and gatherers first spit-roasted wild animals over open fires, there is a primordial satisfaction in grilled food. Sometimes, we crave smoked brisket, a rack of barbecue ribs, some succulent grilled chicken, or even charred fish. When that’s the case, we need to head to a grill restaurant. If you happen to find yourself in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, looking for a grill restaurant, then you should head straight to Karuma The Art of Grill: the best grill restaurant in Puerto Vallarta.

Grill Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

best grill restaurant in Puerto Vallarta
Karuma The Art of Grill in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re looking for the best grill restaurant in Puerto Vallarta then you are quickly going to realize how much competition there is. Karuma The Art of Grill is the newest grill restaurant located at TierraLuna Gardens, a trailblazing departure from traditional grill restaurants, and they are seeking to create an unforgettable dining experience for every guest.  

Karuma The Art of Grill

Karuma embodies the fierce passion of an open flame. The word Karuma is a combination of two words from the Mayan language meaning “fire in the night.” As you walk through TierraLuna Gardens it becomes clear why this is such an appropriate name. On any given dark night, the open-plan restaurant burns bright like a beacon to all grill enthusiasts seeking an exciting meal.

best restaurant in Puerto Vallarta
Tomahawk Cut at Karuma The Art of Grill

Without walls or windows, this restaurant’s innovative design puts the kitchen on full display. If you come a little earlier, the panoramic views of the ocean and the crimson colors of the sunset fill the restaurant. The sizzling grills and roaring flames welcome visitors and invite them to partake in this celebration of mouthwatering meats. The sweet smell of steaks simmering in the pan floats through the night, mixing with citric scents and the simple aromas of salt and pepper. You can tell just from the sight of the kitchen and the smell of the air that only the finest cuts of meat are being cooked here.

Karuma’s Menu is a Symphony of Flavor

The menu, composed by the brilliant chef Andres Garcia, is a symphony of flavor. Garcia prides himself on being a self-made man who learned his trade through selling paella from his parent’s back garden. He’s since dedicated himself to the study of gastronomy and he’s brought his wide knowledge and experience to the menu. It’s the range of cuts available that makes Karuma stand out as the best grill restaurant in Puerto Vallarta. There are twelve cuts of beef available, each thick and ribboned with delicious marbling.

Karuma's chef cutting meat
Chef Patron of karuma cutting a steak

A stand-out dish is the Chateaubriand with Béarnaise sauce and Lyonnaise potatoes. Cooked in front of you, there is playful and creative energy put into the dish, which adds vibrancy to the steakhouse classic. The meat cuts like butter and melts in your mouth. The rich sauce and crispy side dishes complement the fillet of tenderloin, without overpowering or undermining the main event. Yet if you desire a cut that falls apart beneath your fork, then the Smoked Brisket is for you. Another stand-out dish is the slow-cooked Short Rib Chicharrón, which is prepared 8 hours in advance. This Mexican delicacy puts a twist on the traditional pork dish, bringing the flaming flavor of the grill with some Hispanic spices to bring your taste buds alive. The wealth of side dishes available is astonishing. Potatoes five ways, grilled vegetables, and all of the hearty classics like mac and cheese or onion rings. With such a wide array of cuts, side-dishes, sauces and butters, every meal is flush with variety and succulent options to create your own individual barbecue journey.

Karuma, grill restaurant in Puerto Vallarta
Vegetarian dishes at Karuma The Art of Grill

If beef isn’t what your palate desires, there’s also a vast selection of pork, lamb, chicken and seafood dishes available. Smoky grilled chicken, a succulent suckling pig, and a lavish rack of lamb. These are just a few of the exquisite meals on offer. Equally impressive are the king crab, colossal shrimp, totoaba, and branzino dishes. The surf is as delicious as the turf. There are even options available for vegetarians and vegans, signature dishes such as Mushroom Bisque, Vegan Tostadas, and Spinach Salad with baby beets, goat’s cheese, and a champagne vinaigrette. Flavorsome and delectable, these vibrant dishes work well with any of the experimental cocktails which the mixologists concoct at the bar. The wine list is also worth mentioning, with an extensive range of red, white, and rosé bottles available: just ask your waiter for the perfect pairing for every dish.

Karuma's Staff
Staff of Karuma The Art of Grill in front of the restaurant

The staff are knowledgeable and passionate about their service, as happy to guide you to your table as they are to guide you through the hundreds of taste combinations available on the menu. The table-side service adds a flare to the culinary experience which illuminates the taste of the cuisine as you have the opportunity to watch as these opulent cuts are transformed into lush and majestic dishes. Every waiter, chef, and mixologist is dedicated to making Karuma the best grill restaurant in Puerto Vallarta.

Dishes at Karuma Gourmet Grill
Salmon Dish at Karuma

Best Grill Restaurant

Tomahawk at Karuma
Tomahawk at Karuma The Art of Grill

It’s not easy to be the best grill restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, you’ve got to be forward-thinking and dedicated to valuing your food and customers. Karuma achieves this. Their hard-working chefs are ambitious and experimental, taking creative risks with traditional recipes. They seek to bring new light to the gourmet grill scene and they have succeeded. Garcia’s enterprising menu offers a unique culinary experience for every guest who picks up a steak knife. With such a wide range of variety in all aspects of the menu, there is ample opportunity for return visits and with the magical TierraLuna Gardens surrounding the restaurant, nestled between the jungle and the sea, you’ll want to return.


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