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Top 10 Traditional Mexican Dishes and Where to Find Them

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Mexico is known for many things, such as its friendly and lively people, the beautiful landscapes of the entire country, and its breathtaking beaches. Still, if there is something that stands out worldwide, it is its mouthwatering gastronomy. Mexican cuisine can be found all over the world, from the United States to Japan, and all around the globe Mexican restaurants serve traditional Mexican dishes that will delight you with the explosion of flavors.

But if you want to delight in authentic Mexican food, you must go straight to the source. You must go to Mexico. In Mexico, you will find everything from premium steaks, seafood to a combination of “comida de pobres (poor man’s food).”

If there is something we can tell you about authentic Mexican cooking, once you try it, you will not crave anything else (or it will become your favorite).

Traditional Mexican Dishes

Let’s start this adventure of flavors! Here’s your guide to the best traditional Mexican dishes in Los Cabos:


We start at the foundation of everything! Tacos are an extremely versatile food. You can enjoy them either with corn tortillas or flour tortillas, with the protein you want such as meat, seafood, or vegetables, then you can add red or green sauce, and pico de gallo, finally add a little lime juice for that delicious final touch.

Tacos are one of the best traditional Mexican dishes, but are only perfected in some places. In Los Cabos, you should go to Tacos Guss, La Lupita Taco & Mezcal, or Taco Loco, as they are some of the most popular and delicious places to enjoy this dish.


What if you take a corn or flour tortilla, fill it with your favorite protein such as meat, chicken, fish, or pork, wrap it, and top it with red or green chili sauce, add sour cream and lots of cheese until it is melted through? Then you have enchiladas! Enchiladas date back to ancient Mayan times when the people of the Valley of Mexico ate small fish or meat wrapped in corn tortillas.

Enchiladas are an excellent, very juicy, and delicious alternative to tacos. Blanca Blue, Hacienda Cocina & Cantina, and Maria Jimenez Restaurante Mexicano are the places to go to savor this meal.


Carnitas refer to a particular type of pork taco cooked to the point that it is tender and can be cut with a fork into smaller pieces of meat. Along with the tenderness, carnitas are usually deep-fried before serving, so the parts are often crispy outside while remaining juicy. Carnitas are one of the perfect taco fillings and one of the best street foods you will ever have.


You’ll find some of the best Carnitas at Carnitas Los Michoacanos, Maria Corona Restaurant, or the famous El Michoacano. Whatever your decision, it will be amazing! Without a doubt, an essential experience that you are going to enjoy.


Tamales are a staple in Mexican culture and very versatile. They are made with corn dough called “masa” filled with various ingredients such as meat, chicken or pork, vegetables, cheese and can be enjoyed with garnishes and sauces. They can also be sweets flavored with strawberry, pineapple, chocolate, etc. After the filling process, the tamales are wrapped inside a dried corn husk and steamed to perfection. The result is a delicious corn crust filled with juicy ingredients.

There is no limit to how full a tamale can be, nor to its flavor! The best tamales in Los Cabos are served at Casa de Colores Escuela de Cocina Tradicional Mexicana, Tamales Doña Nina, and especially at Blanca Blue Restaurant at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos.


Chilaquiles are one of the most delicious traditional Mexican dishes and are typically a breakfast food. We start with tortilla chips cut into a triangle shape, add a topping of green or red sauce, shredded chicken, sour cream, and cheese. If you want to elevate the flavor, add scrambled or fried eggs and serve up a side dish of refried beans.

Chilaquiles with eggs, a traditional mexican dish

Something unique about chilaquiles is that for lovers of spicy food, the sauce can range from very mild and not at all spicy to one of the spiciest things you can experience, and you can wash them down with a dragon fruit margarita to taste the best combo.

So where are the best chilaquiles in Los Cabos? That would be at Café de Ciudad, Mama’s Royal Café, or Casasola Cafe & Brunch.


Ceviche is an explosion of flavor for your palate. It would be best if you enjoyed it with crackers or toast (tostadas). It is prepared with fresh fish, like smoked marlin, tuna, or shrimp; then we add carrot, cucumber, onion, tomatoes, onion, coriander, and chili peppers (optional). Finally, a touch of lime or lemon juice and sauces are added to taste.

Ceviche: a traditional mexican dish

Ceviche is a very trendy dish, and it’s easy to see why. Its flavor is everything! You will encounter it in nearly all seafood restaurants, but to taste the best of the best, you have to go to Blanca Blue Restaurant at Garza Blanca, The Office, or The Drunken Sailor.

Mexican Chocolate Clam

No, they do not contain chocolate, but are named after the uniform brown color of their shell. But even without chocolate, chocolate clams have a unique and incredible flavor. You can enjoy them in many presentations alone, with rice, or with ceviche. The meaty Mexican chocolate clam can grow up to six inches wide, so you only need a few to delight you.

Cabo’s Chocolate Clams

Not many places offer these wonderful clams, but if you want to delight yourself, then the places you should go are Mariscos El Toro Güero, Neptune Seafood, or LaFrida.

Zarandeado Fish

The zarandeado fish is such a unique recipe that you will absolutely fall in love with. It is slowly marinated in different spices (like chili powder) and grilled in a wood oven. It is a very delicious dish for all the senses. Seeing the grilled reddish fish on the table, smelling the savory spices, and savoring the smoked skin is a complete experience.

Best traditional mexican dishes

So where can you try it? Las Mariscadas, The Office, or El Herradero Mexican Grill and Bar are some of the best places to visit.


Who doesn’t love mole? But did you know that there are numerous types of mole? Most contain about 20 ingredients, including one or more chili peppers, all of which need continuous stirring over a long time. The most famous mole is mole poblano, which has an oxidized red sauce typically served over turkey, meat, or chicken.

Enchiladas: traditional Mexican dish

Mole is a mixture of spices and dried chilies mixed to create a vibrant and complex sauce. Chocolate is added to sweeten it and give it a unique flavor. It is used mainly as a sauce with chicken enmoladas.

Whether you want to try it on its own, in enchiladas, or as a sauce on a plate, the delicious mole flavor will never disappoint! Some of the best places to delight yourself with this dish are Maria Corona Restaurant, Casa de Colores School of Traditional Mexican Cooking, or Paradisus Los Cabos.

Ice Cream

Taking advantage of the fact that you are going to the beach, try the ice cream! The ice creams are delicious in all their presentations, and there are an unlimited number of flavors that you can enjoy. Bravo Italia Gelato or The Rolled Ice Cream Shop TRICS are some of the best!

Ice creams in Mexico

There you go! The best traditional Mexican dishes that you must savor, each one guarantees an incredible flavor and a unique experience. Provecho!


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