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Table of Contents

So, you’ve spent a few days in Puerto Vallarta and tried the fresh fish ceviche, gorged on tacos and eaten every kind of salsa and now you need your fix of prime steak to stop you from missing home. There are a number of great steakhouse options in Puerto Vallarta within easy distance of Garza Blanca Preserve. Just ask the hotel concierge to give you directions or ask them to instruct a taxi to take you to the prime steak restaurant of your choice.

BocaDos STK

Save yourself the taxi fare and indulge in the finest cuts of meat at Garza Blanca Preserve’s very own prime steakhouse, BocaDos STK. The gourmet restaurant offers a range of aged and specialist cuts, with an Argentine style grill that reinvents the classic steakhouse menu for sophisticated dining. A spectacular panoramic view that can be seen from both inside the restaurant’s air-conditioned interior as well as its sweeping terrace lit by flaming torches, awaits for a chic dining experience in paradise.

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Sonora Grill Prime

An elegant yet upbeat steak restaurant located at the entrance to Marina Vallarta serving great prime cuts and other dishes. The Sonora Grill Prime is a trendy place to dine before a night out or to enjoy a lively dinner with groups of friends. It’s location makes it an ideal venue if you wish to walk the Marina’s malecon before or after eating.

Outback Steakhouse

This quality steakhouse chain is an ideal choice to take the whole family without breaking the bank. You can find all kinds of cuts on the menu for all budgets and portions are generous, with dishes for kids too. The friendly atmosphere and modern decoration is inviting for both lunch and dinner invitations.

Mark’s Bar & Grill

If you are looking to explore a little further afield, Mark’s Bar & Grill in Bucerias, passing Nuevo Vallarta, is a romantic venue set within a more traditional Mexican venue. While Chef Jan Benton’s Mediterranean style menu is not dedicated solely to steaks, you will find some of the best cuts in the area.


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