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The Best Sushi Restaurant in Cancun

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Cancun is a blazing hotspot of dining options. Whatever cuisine you are looking for, you are sure to find a restaurant ready to cater to your needs. There are leagues of Brazilian steakhouses, Central and South American kitchens, and, of course, fine Mexican eateries for you to choose from. But by far, the best sushi restaurant in Cancun is Hiroshi. Read on to find out more.

Best Japanese Restaurant in Cancun

This avant-garde hotspot, located at the upscale Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Cancun, sets itself apart from other restaurants as soon as you enter the front door. The stylish color scheme of ivory, black, gray, and sapphire blue blends with a mix of galaxy granite, white wood marble, bamboo, and stainless-steel textures. The whole atmosphere vibrates with an otherworldly level of sophistication. Just like the finely sliced slivers of salmon, which sit delicately upon beds of fine rice, this restaurant is a place of systematic accuracy.

Best sushi restaurant in Cancun
Hiroshi, Japanese restaurant in Cancun

Japanese cuisine, arguably above all other cuisines, demands an almost obsessive attention to detail which produces only the highest results. Itamae training, or Sushi Chef training, takes years to master: traditionally, a chef must master cooking rice before they are even allowed to approach the cutting board and handle fish. As anybody who has tried it at home would know, cooking rice to the point of perfection, so that it is neither too wet nor too dry, but fluffy and sticky enough, is no easy feat. This dedication to discipline is part of the process, the outcomes of which result in globally recognized artistic cuisine which speaks for itself. This level of excellence is noticeable as soon as you enter Hiroshi.

Hiroshi’s Ambience

Cancun's Best sushi restaurant
Hiroshi restaurant

Yet the thing that makes Hiroshi the best sushi restaurant in Cancun is that, even though its roots are firmly planted in sushi chef traditions, the kitchen dares to branch out and intermingle with other cuisines to reach new horizons. In the evenings, the mural of Mount Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan, hangs on one wall of the restaurant, illuminated by the beautiful cascading hues of a setting Mexican sun. The sound of sizzling dishes and the well-trained dicing of sharpened blades echo through the air, dancing to the gentle base rhythm of the flowing waves of the Caribbean Sea.

Hiroshi’s Menu Options

The gastronomical heritage of Japan and Mexico bow and curtsy together here, dancing their way through the kitchen, to your plate and finally to your palate. The menu showcases a fundamentally Japanese skeleton, in the structure and style of its dishes, but the body of the food comes from the fiery Mexican spices which season these dishes. It is the fusion of the two which creates something to transcend both.

Best sushi restaurant
Menu options at Hiroshi

Take for example, the wonton tostada. Served with either tuna or vegetable tartare, this crunchy little love child takes elements from both of its parental heritages. The crispy deep-fried flour nestles a balanced package of marinated onions and creamy avocado, creating a juxtaposing sensation as you bite through the crunch to reach the creamy center. You could also try the mango special roll, one of the many hand-rolled sushi rolls available, based on the famous California roll but filled with tropical fruit far more suited to the salty summer air of the Mexican coast. That’s not to say you won’t find elements of either tradition in their entirety. If it’s Mexican fire you seek, the shishito pepper is sure to get a fiesta going on your tongue. Yet if it’s traditional sashimi you desire, the sushi bar has a multitude of different options: wagyu, braised white fish, white tiradito, tuna, salmon, and more. All thinly sliced and served on boards with delicate rice rolls and binding strips of seaweed. Hiroshi’s respectful dedication to the traditional, yet playful interaction with the experimental is what makes it the best sushi restaurant in Cancun.

Hiroshi's menu options
Exquisite dishes at Hiroshi

All of this can be paired with one of the delicious wines or fruity cocktails available on the drinks menu. You can also finish your delicious meal with one of the delectable desserts; green tea ice cream is a favorite. The hospitable staff is ready to service your every need, and there are many vegan and vegetarian options to ensure that your needs are catered to. This is a restaurant for everyone.

Book a Table at Hiroshi

Best sushi restaurant at Garza Blanca

The next time you consider taking a beach vacation, consider visiting Cancun. And if you want to try the best sushi restaurant in Cancun, book your stay at Garza Blanca Resort and find yourself a seat in Hiroshi. Experience the ambiance and exceptional service for yourself. Ponder the artistic menu and select from its wide assortment of options. Sample fresh fish and hand-crafted rolls. Try the sashimi, enjoy the spice, and embrace the diversity of taste and delight!


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