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12 Big Family Vacation Ideas

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Traveling together with your big family is the best way to collect incredible memories. Here are some awesome vacation ideas to help you get started.

Unwind with an All-Inclusive Vacation


The sun-soaked vacation of your dreams awaits at an All-Inclusive resort, this is one of the best options for a multigenerational big family since everyone can find something to do, including daily activities for all ages and fantastic dining options to please every craving. The best All-Inclusive family options can be found in Mexico beach towns.

Embark on a Cultural Experience


Immerse yourselves in a rich cultural experience combined with beach time by visiting a place like Puerto Vallarta, one of the best vacation spots for a big family. This destination with endless colonial charm, amazing food, and friendly locals, is an exceptional family-friendly spot for traveling with your crew.

Hop on a Cruise

Daughter and Father Enjoy on the Ferry Boat Deck in Sunny Day Traveling on Vacation

A cruise is a great opportunity to be together and discover new places. Cruises include on-board activities for the littles, teens, and adults, which is perfect for large families. You can book excursions at every port and take the family on an adventure.

Enjoy a Road Trip

A family packing the car to leave for summer vacation. A happy african american father and his two cute little sons preparing the luggage in his vehicle to go on a road trip, ready for holiday time

Visit iconic landmarks and discover an abundance of beautiful places by hitting the road with your loved ones. When it comes to big family vacation ideas, this one brings diverse and unforgettable experiences with every new sunrise, like glaciers, national parks and more.

Escape to Cancun


Slow down and settle into the sweet beachfront and poolside life at a family-friendly Cancun resort. Big families love the convenience of having it all in one place, and we definitely recommend going for All-Inclusive for a true worry-free vacation.

Play in the Snow

Mother skiing with kids on a sunny winter day. Family is sitting on chairlift cheering at the camera. Nikon D850

Gather the family to enjoy a winter village immersed in a paradise for skiers and snowboarders. Ski Resorts have daily activities, and family time becomes memorable as you ride the slopes together or join a free walking tour around the town.

See the Whales in Los Cabos


Have an epic time in Los Cabos with your big family and take time to relax at your resort enjoying the fun activities provided. When you’re ready to explore you will discover the incredible wonder of this vacation spot in whale-watching, an experience available during winter that will be unforgettable for your clan.

Go Tent Camping or Glamping

Enjoy adventure-packed family fun like hiking, swimming, stargazing, and kayaking with your favorite people. Camping sites offer a wealth of family-friendly activities along with learning experiences for all.

Freshen Up at The Lake

A vacation spot perfect for large families awaits at iconic lakes such as the west coast landmark of Lake Tahoe. Enjoy the trails, fresh air, beautiful scenery, and plenty to do on the fresh and clear waters of the lake.

Explore Cenotes and Mayan Ruins


If your big family loves nature and beach vacations, embark on an epic journey to discover the ancient Mayan ruins and underwater pools called Cenotes located all around Cancun, Playa Mujeres and Riviera Maya and have an extraordinary family experience.

Find your New York State of Mind

The city that never sleeps is a vibing, buzzing place where large families can find excitement, history, art, educational experiences, and family-friendly activities for all ages.

Embrace the Magic

This list wouldn’t be complete without theme parks, a great way to gather a big family for some unforgettable quality time. Get your wand ready and enjoy a magical vacation at the wizard-themed parks or visit the happiest place on earth for a fun-packed family getaway.


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