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Family Activities in Puerto Vallarta

Family Activities in Puerto Vallarta

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Will you be traveling to Puerto Vallarta with teens, toddlers and demanding children? Wondering what is happening in the destination over and beyond your in-hotel offerings? Read on about the family activities in Puerto Vallarta waiting to be explored.

Family activities in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a melting pot of activities to keep people of all ages happy. At every corner of Banderas Bay you can find different terrain and cultural flavor to show your family something new!



South Shore

On our South Shore, home to Garza Blanca Resort & Spa, starting where the cobble stoned streets end and you encounter a paved highway, take the highway to Barra de Navidad and get ready for a winding ride along a fabulous coastal road. Whether you like the beach, river, jungle walks or bungee jumping, you can hop along the coast exploring dozens of coves each one a treasure offering different grains of sand and new sights.


On our North Shore, starting where the International airport is located driving towards Riviera Nayarit, you can enjoy Nuevo Vallarta with endless beaches and the perfect boogie boarding conditions and well as Bucerias with its funky hip main street that all kids will love. Then drive to Punta Mita to enjoy the sun, sand and seafood, or hop on a small boat to go whale and bird watching, fishing or a leisurely cruise around the bay.


Venture further north to the famous Sayulita which is a surfer’s paradise. This hip town is a must see when traveling with demanding teenagers. The crowd is young and Sayulita’s waves offer the most affordable and beautiful playground. Great restaurants for all budgets can be found on and around the plaza and make sure to let your family indulge in a fresh fruit tropical popsicle (paleta).

Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta’s downtown offers numerous activities for children of all ages. The boardwalk is a great place to see and be seen.  Teenagers might like to hit Senor Frogs while the little ones might be in awe of the Papantla dancers who fall dangling from a pole in a mesmerizing journey to the sand. Walk along the boardwalk to see the open air theatre (Los Arcos) where there are usually free venues offering a variety of entertaining shows. Then walk even further south along the boardwalk and you will come to the Los Muertos Pier where you can enjoy an ice cream and mingle with local children.

Art Scene malecon

Mountain Towns

Mascota, San Sebastian or El Tuito are great alternative to the sun and beachlife. There are so many charming towns to explore that are quite close to Puerto Vallarta if you plan on renting a vehicle, which can be most rewarding and offers freedom to families who want to get a cultural experience. Travel just an hour inland from Puerto Vallarta and you will reach the old and magical town of San Sebastian where you can stroll the plaza, hike a river, dine in a typical Mexican restaurant and cool off! The weather is much cooler inland and many Puerto Vallarta residents do day trips inland to beat the heat.

Mascota, is located only 30 minutes inland from San Sebastian and is one of the most charming old towns with a medieval church ruin which brings people from all over to explore. A favorite for those from the city and Puerto Vallarta’s elite is the famous Sierra Lago Resort, a heavenly eco resort located on a hidden lake. Sierra Lago has bicycles, horses and serves one of the most beautiful meals in a setting below apricot trees. A must visit for those with growing children who need a beautiful outdoor space to explore.

The People

Children learn most about cultures when submersed in them during festive activities. Make friends with the locals and once you do so you might find yourself crashing a birthday party, wedding or baptism. Mexicans know how to throw a party and children always come first. Puerto Vallarta has been voted the friendliest town in the world and the population of Puerto Vallarta are proud of this.

Ride a Trolley

The Viva Tequila experience at the former Teatro Vallarta is an enlightening experience for all ages. The tour can pick people up in charming trolleys that tour about town. Not just for those of age to drink tequila! This tour can satisfy any demanding family. Little ones and teens enjoy the trolley and the folkloric show that is included in some of their packages.

Puerto Vallarta is a destination that so many families enjoy returning to, some have indeed chosen to move here permanently as the quality of life is superior to back home.


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