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Garza Blanca’s Trolley Adventure

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

There are two fun ways of getting to know Garza Blanca Preserve’s lush jungle surroundings while a guest at the five star resort in Puerto Vallarta. Firstly, you add some exercise into your day by taking a jog or walk around the preserve, or secondly you could hop on the iconic Garza Blanca trolleybus with drivers, Adan, Marco, Roberto or Porfirio. If you’ve never visited Puerto Vallarta before why not choose to stay at the Garza Blanca Resort and Spa to see exactly what we’re talking about?

Trolley Adventures


There are, at this moment, two trolleybuses in operation on the preserve and they run around pretty much every inch of the grounds in order to make sure getting about is effortless. No need to walk down to the squash and tennis courts, found on the edge of the preserve, or work up a sweat before you even get to the gym or Spa Imagine. The trolleys will get you there quickly, stylishly and offer great jungle views while they do so. You can also use them to see all of the imposing Buddha statues that are dotted about the resort.

Trolley Stops and Service Times

The trolley drivers will stop and pick you up wherever you may be on their route, but the main stops are outside the Garza Blanca Lobby and at the Palapa which can be found by Tower 4, outside the BocaDos STK restaurant. If you wish to be picked up at the Hiroshi restaurant or at Hotel Mousai, the bellboys will call the trolley for you. Garza Blanca’s trolleybuses run from 7am to 1am every day. Don’t worry if you have a late night or early morning as the bellboys will arrange a golf cart for you.

Chic Design and a Safe Ride


The trolleys, decorated to look like a1930s street car, run at around 10 miles per hour whilst inside the preserve and, as such, make a fun and safe way to see the grounds. They move quickly enough to get you where you need to go, but slowly enough to allow you to soak in the sights. These 20-foot long buses seat 21 passengers comfortably and your trusty driver, and are kept sparklingly clean with a daily shine and polish.

Checks such as fluid levels, brakes, airbags and lights are made on the trolleys each day to ensure they are roadworthy, while its 2014 Hino engine and suspension are checked monthly. A general service and tuning takes place every three months.

Be sure to book your vacations for 2016 and experience the famous trolleybus at Garza Blanca Resort and Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; it is an adventure worthy of your photo album.


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