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How to Avoid Getting Sick on Vacation to Mexico

How to Avoid Getting Sick on Vacation to Mexico

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You might have been told to avoid vacationing in Mexico because you will get sick, but this is a common misconception based on two things: lack of understanding and your propensity for travel sickness. For many people, traveling any kind of distance is a stressful experience that is sure to upset your stomach. Secondly, many people get sick on vacation because they think they can do exactly what they do at home in Mexico! This is not the case: the water, climate and cuisine in Mexico are very different to what you may be used to back home. This is why we have a few tips for you;


Most people know the old nugget of wisdom, “never drink the tap water” and this is a good rule to follow in Mexico, despite the fact that tap water in Mexico’s tourist areas generally adhere strictly to local health and safety standards. At Garza Blanca, you will also find that the tap water is carefully filtered. Nevertheless, bottled water is recommended to avoid your stomach reacting negatively to the change in water.


A common cause of sickness while on vacation in Mexico is caused by dehydration. You should drink more water than you might usually drink to compensate for the heat and perspiration. Sunstroke, dehydration and heat exhaustion are some of the most common ailments among tourists and this is because they simply do not show the Mexican weather the respect it is due. This goes doubly when you’re drinking alcohol or eating spicy, salty foods.


If you are planning on enjoying your vacations with a cocktail in your hand, we recommend a glass of water for every drink you enjoy, and maybe having some rehydration sachets to hand for the end of the night. This will ward off hangovers as well as keep you healthy. Steer clear of the tequila shooter girls, too; they might be lovely, but the glasses aren’t necessarily cleaned between rounds.Alcohol


Always make sure that the ice cubes are made with purified water; you can ask at the bar. If they are not then stick to bottled or canned drinks from the refrigerator. A cold can of soda will chill your liquor as well as ice when used as a mixer. The ice at Garza Blanca is made with purified water.

Eating on the streets  

Street food is often held up as the epitome of cultural immersion, but unless you’ve got a stomach of steel it can be a really bad idea. The taco stands that dot Mexico’s cities may produce delicious food, but few refrigerate their sauces and there’s no guarantee that they used purified water. If tacos on the street are on your bucket list, however, you should ask a local for the best stand and squeeze some lemon on your tacos.

Eating on the streets


Chili sauces are big in Mexican restaurants so be sure to ask about them when you sit down; the green sauce may not be avocado sauce but chili, and the green chili sauces are often the hottest.


Opt for well done or medium over rare to be on the safe.


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