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Staying Healthy on Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

Staying Healthy on Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta at Garza Blanca Preserve might seem like a difficult task, especially given the temptation of our decadent restaurants, tempting cocktails, comfortable beds that crave a lie-in and hammocks on each balcony. The thought of exercise might be far from your mind. However, heading out on an indulgent vacation shouldn’t mean undoing weeks, months or years of healthy habits.

With these five tips, you’ll have an easier time staying healthy on your next vacation in Puerto Vallarta:

1.- Continue your Gym Routine

Garza Blanca’s brand new Gym on the 16th floor of Hotel Mousai now makes it easier than ever to keep up with your fitness routine while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta. With Technogym equipment and Troy dumbbells, there is no excuse for not continuing your healthy routine. The new outdoor play and fitness center also offers squash, tennis and basketball facilities. Why not book a private lesson with our tennis pro?

Continue your Gym Routine

2.- Plan Ahead

If you are serious about sticking to a healthy diet, do some research about your vacation destination before you go. Spend some time online looking at restaurants in the area and browse their menus to see what healthy items they serve. You’d be surprised what kind of information you can find on the net and you might get a good idea of the restaurants you’d like to visit while you are in town. At Garza Blanca, ask your waiter about the healthy options on the menu.

3.-  Be a Good Sport!

Garza Blanca Preserve has so many free lively activities to choose from that there is no need to be lying on a lounger all day (unless you choose to, of course!). Try your hand at stand up paddle boarding, kayaking or yoga sessions on the beach. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and try something new everyday.  Whether you decide to participate in a fun game of beach volleyball, or head out on a hiking tour of the resort grounds, you’ll be upping your fitness while enjoying the company of friends, family and other guests.

Paddle Boarding Family Puerto Vallarta

4.- Scope Out the Spa

Take time out of your vacation activities to fully relax in our world class spa. Spa Imagine is a whole other level of spa offering one of the most complete and luxurious hydrotherapy circuits in Puerto Vallarta. From relaxing massages to detoxifying body wraps, there is a world of healthy spa treatments that can help you better your overall wellbeing.  Remember, mental health is just as important as physical, so don’t hesitate to treat yourself to an indulgent spa treatment. You are on vacation after all!

5.- The Key is Moderation

As with any healthy routine, moderation is extremely important. Whether dining out at the resort’s restaurants or taking advantage of the open bar included with your all inclusive meal plan, keep in mind that you can try a little bit of everything without overdoing it. If it’s the dessert bar that has you tempted, choose one thing and then allow yourself something different the next day. If you’re kicking back with a poolside libation, choose a low cal option instead of a sugary frozen cocktail.  And if it’s a schedule so packed you don’t have time to think, make sure to take some time to relax. The key to any healthy vacation is moderation.

The Key is Moderation


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