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Vacation Fitness: Go for a Run on the Beach

Vacation Fitness: Go for a Run on the Beach

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So it’s time for your yearly vacation, and you want to make sure that you stay in tip-top shape whilst still relaxing and enjoying yourself. There are plenty of fun and relaxing ways to incorporate vacation fitness into your holiday. Have you considered a morning run along the beach? Running has long been the classic and most effective cardiovascular activity, and it’s even better if you mix it with the beauty of the coast and the shining waves.

Above and beyond the usual benefits to your body and mind that regular exercise gives, running along the beach has its own set of benefits particular to this activity. The main benefits are:

Defined leg muscles and improved endurance: running has long been the favorite cardiovascular activity of many due to the way it helps to up your endurance. While running you must deliver more oxygen to your lungs in order to combat lactic acid build up in the muscles… regular runs will result in improved lung capacity and health. Running on the beach will do this too, but will also help you to get more toned and defined leg muscles due to the unstable nature of the sandy surface. More muscles will be needed to deal with the new surface, and overall your legs will work harder!

Defined leg muscles and improved endurance

It’s better for your joints: the softer surface of the beach will not be as harsh on your joints as the usual paved footpaths as the impact with each footfall is dramatically reduced.

It’s better for your joints

You’ll burn more calories per hour: the increased resistance offered by the soft, unstable surface of the beach will make your muscles work harder, and so you’ll burn more calories per hour than you might usually. If you throw in some resistance training, too, you’ll increase your baseline metabolic rate so that you keep burning fat whether you’re lounging on the beach or doing a few laps of the pool.

Lower your stress levels: stress is known to contribute to a plethora of illnesses, conditions, and generally have negative effects upon your body and mind… this is why it’s so important to make a point of minimizing stress when we can. Exercise, sunshine, and the rhythms of the sea have long been known to reduce stress, so reason dictates that combining the three can only be good for you!

Lower your stress levels

A twenty minute run along the beach every morning during your vacation could leave you feeling energized, looking healthier and fitter than ever when you get home.

Ever since COVID-19 hit, there’s been a lot more focus and attention on staying healthy and adopting healthier lifestyles. Taking a break from your regular routine is a huge part of staying healthy, and so are vacations. So, why not consider a fitness vacation? There are several options depending on what type of vacation you are looking for to suit every budget and taking a fitness vacation is the perfect way to combine relaxation and exercise. Whether you want something more low-key and relaxed like strolling along the beach and swimming in your resort’s swimming pool, something calm like meditation and yoga, or more rigorous exercise like boot camp – you will find something to suit you and help you to enjoy a health and wellness focused break.


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