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Valentine’s Day in Numbers

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Every year millions of people celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending flowers, indulging in sweets and expressing their love in both traditional and innovative ways. Valentine’s ranks second in the most widely celebrated holidays around the world and has some incredible numbers to prove its popularity.

Valentine’s Day cards

1 – The tradition of sending cards was started by the British in the 17th Century and it wasn’t until the 1840’s that Valentine’s Day cards were being mass produced. Now over ONE BILLION CARDS are sent every year on this special day, which surprisingly falls in second place on the list of days with the most cards sent. Christmas holds the number one spot.


Valentine’s Day worldwide

2 – In 1822, John Cadbury’s son, Richard, packaged his yummy Cadbury’s eggs in the world’s first heart shaped box. Since then, the chocolate manufacturing giant has made millions selling chocolates on Valentine’s Day worldwide. Nowadays, over 35 MILLION HEART SHAPED CHOCOLATES are sold each year.


3 – In the United States alone, over 20 BILLION DOLLARS is spent on Valentine’s Day, making it the most lucrative holiday per annum for businesses behind Christmas. However, it would take 30 years of Valentine’s Day spending to account for just one day of Christmas spending.



4 – It is no surprise that roses are the flowers most gifted on this special day, but did you know that 220 MILLION ROSES are produced specifically for this holiday every year?  To make up for the extreme demands, growers raise their prices for the holiday, resulting in bouquets that cost almost three times the normal average price tag.



5 – The most iconic candies associated with Valentine’s Day are the ever popular conversation hearts. In 1866, Daniel Chase realized he could press food dye letters into his heart shaped candies, creating the first conversation heart.  Now, centuries later, over 8 MILLION CONVERSATION HEARTS are sold each year, adding to the many ways lovers choose to express their sentiments.

Valentine’s Day

6 – According to certain studies, over 6 MILLION COUPLES worldwide are likely to get engaged on Valentine’s Day each year.  While this is an extremely romantic fact surrounding the holiday, it is also reported that couples are 2.5 times more likely to separate in the month of February than in any other month of the year.

Valentine’s Day

7 – Women purchase approximately 85% OF ALL VALENTINE’S GIFTS but men are more likely to spend twice the amount their counterparts spend. The average male spends $150 on the holiday while the average female only shells out $75.



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