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Los Cabos Best All-Inclusive Resort: Glowing Guest Review

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I wanted to plan a romantic getaway with my husband to a top luxury all-inclusive resort in Los Cabos, and I knew I wanted to stay somewhere extra special. I looked online and started checking some of the travel sites and hotel reviews. I learned that Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos is one of the newest resorts in the area, it opened in 2019. That got me interested right away, because it’s always nice to stay at a new resort. Everything in the new resorts is more updated and more modern, including the design, the layout, and the functionality.

My husband and I were nervous traveling during the pandemic, but as soon as we got our vaccines, we felt that travel would be safer and we were itching for a vacation since we spent most of the past year isolated at home, so we booked our trip the very next day! As soon as we arrived at the resort, we felt safe. Everything was very clean. All of the staff were wearing face masks, they conducted temperature checks, and hand sanitizer was available everywhere. We could see that the resort was following the safety protocols.


It was really nice to get away, just the two of us. We felt so well taken care of at Garza Blanca. It was great to just relax and enjoy ourselves. We had such a nice time that I wanted to write a guest review about our experience so that other people considering staying there would have an idea of what to expect. My husband and I have been traveling to Mexico for the past eighteen years, and I can assure you that Garza Blanca Los Cabos is one of the best resorts we have ever stayed at. It is definitely a top luxury all-inclusive resort and our favorite one so far.

The Lobby

lobby garza blanca los cabos

When we arrived, security took our names and confirmed our reservation. We liked that the property is secure and not just anyone can walk in. Friendly staff greeted us before we entered the lobby and took our bags. We went into the lobby to check-in, and it was beautiful, with marble tile, designer furniture, impressive artwork including a wooden fishing boat by artist Gerardo Rodriguez. We asked about his work and the staff told us that Gerardo specializes in iron and wood sculptures, made with materials collected in the streets. There were also some impressive blue peacock chairs in the lobby, which we sat on before going to our suite and enjoyed the view overlooking the ocean. Interestingly the lobby isn´t on the ground floor, it is on the 5th floor, and has a terrace which gives you a great view of the whole property and its stunning horseshoe design. Right away we felt relaxed and we were able to sink into the vacation vibe. Our check-in process was seamless and smooth.

Absolutely Stunning and Spacious Suite

Our Butler accompanied us to our suite. We took the elevator down to the second floor and our suite was actually on ground level, so we had direct access to the pools and restaurants, which we liked. As we walked down the corridor to our suite, we were immediately impressed by all the artwork displayed on the walls. It felt like walking through an art gallery. When we arrived at our suite, our Butler opened the door and right away we knew we had arrived at the right place. The suite was absolutely stunning!

Our Butler explained everything about the room and showed us how to order room service from the TV and how to open and close the electric curtains with the touch of a button. He also explained how to use the rain shower, which has the rain shower head and also a hand held shower head and you can adjust it to have one or the other or both, which I thought was neat. We stayed in a One Bedroom Ocean View Suite, which was perfect for my husband and me. It was nice for us to have more space to spread out, versus being in a standard room. The suite was over 1,300 square feet, so it felt like a full apartment, and it had everything we needed to feel super comfortable.

I really liked how all of the colors throughout the resort, including in our room, were light and bright. Our room was spacious and elegant with a king-size bed and oversized pillows and unique design features with contrasting materials and textures that complemented each other nicely. We had a TV in both the living room and our bedroom, which was nice. We enjoyed cuddling up and watching a movie before bed some nights. All of the furniture was very plush. The living room was spacious with cream colored floors, sofa and chairs, with turquoise blue accents, and decor that remind me of a beachy theme, but in a luxurious way. The suite was bright and airy, and also had air conditioning, which was nice to have. In general, it just felt very comfortable.

There was a deep soaking tub in the bathroom, so I was able to enjoy a nice bath and relax. There was also a bidet toilet with a heated toilet seat, which was a wonderful novelty. The resort also provided comfy robes and slippers, which felt very luxurious. We definitely felt pampered in that bathroom! We had L’Occitane bath amenities including shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and moisturizing cream. We didn´t even bother to pack ours as I read ahead of time the resort offers these amenities. The bathroom also had twin vanity sinks, a huge lighted mirror, plus a lighted vanity mirror, so you can give yourself a nice makeover in the bathroom and see every detail up close. There were actually two full bathrooms, which is really nice.

From our suite, we had a little balcony where we could clearly see the ocean and the resort’s pools. We really enjoyed hanging out on the balcony, too. There was a large hammock where we could lounge and enjoy the ocean views and also people watch over the main courtyard of the resort.


Having a full kitchen in the suite was so nice. We were able to stick to a similar morning routine that we have at home, i.e., waking up early and immediately having our coffee, toast, and some fruit while still in our pajamas. We also took advantage of ordering room service a few times during our trip, which was included in the all-inclusive package. Pro-tip: Call and pre-order room service for the time you are planning to wake up before you go to sleep. I did that a couple of times and it was so nice just to wake up and have room service already at your door!

Another thing that was really nice was that there was a washer and dryer right there in the suite, so we were able to do our laundry. I personally don’t like going home with a suitcase full of dirty clothes, so that was perfect for me.

Unforgettable Dining Experiences

Gourmet at Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta

One of the things that makes Garza Blanca Los Cabos stand out as a top luxury all-inclusive resort is the quality of its culinary offerings. My husband and I have stayed at plenty of different resort brands, and we don´t want to name names, but we have had some pretty awful resort dining experiences. There was one resort we stayed at where the food was all equally bland and equally awful. Rest assured, when you book the all-inclusive plan at Garza Blanca, your taste buds, and you, will not be disappointed!

There were a lot of options for food and drinks because the resort has six restaurants, and they are all included in the all-inclusive packages.

Blanca Blue

blanca blue restaurant in garza blanca los cabos

Blanca Blue is one of Garza Blanca’s signature restaurants. They serve high-end Mexican food and international favorites with a Mexican twist.

For breakfast we loved the Aztec Crepes with eggs, squash blossoms, cilantro and goat cheese. That was different and delicious. For lunch we tried Shrimp Aguachile, Tuna Tostadas, and Duck Tacos, which were all incredibly tasty.

The wait staff at Blanca Blue is very well trained and very courteous. The interior design of the restaurant is also very light and bright, like the rest of the resort, and they have a large outdoor patio right in front of the ocean. It’s a great place to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner while enjoying the open air and the view of the waves crashing on the shore.

BocaDos Steak House

Bocados STK Restuarant Garza Blanca Los Cabos

BocaDos Steak House is only open for dinner, and they specialize in meat dishes. We dined there 2 out of our 7 nights at the resort. We really enjoyed the food there. We went there on our first night and enjoyed sharing a bottle of wine out on the terrace. Someone was celebrating a birthday, and a Mariachi Band serenaded our dinner, which was lovely. We ordered a Caesar Salad to share, which was prepared right at our table. We were also curious about the Dry Aged Chops so we ordered the 30 oz Porterhouse Steak to share. We had to pay an additional cost as it is not included in the all-inclusive plan, but we got a 20 per cent discount, and it was well worth the extra cost! We ordered Bearnaise and Hollandaise sauce for our steak and ordered the grilled mashed potatoes and asparagus as sides. You cannot go wrong with this meal! The second time we went to BocaDos, we ordered Tuna Dices and Mussels Alla Sorrentina as a starter. Both of these are must try dishes! For our mains I ordered the Roasted Chicken Breast and my husband ordered Pacific Salmon. While we enjoyed our steaks the most, these dishes were also extremely tasty!


hiroshi restaurant

Hiroshi Restaurant is also only open for dinner. They have sushi and Japanese fusion food. I love sushi rolls, so I ordered several for my husband and me to share. We tried the “Mexican” roll which had crab, tuna and lime, and the “Sake Citrus” roll which had tempura shrimp and salmon. I also tried the two vegetarian rolls which had avocado, tofu, carrot, mango, cucumber and lime. I like hand rolls, so I tried the spicy tuna hand roll, which was also delicious. My husband is more of a steak guy so he ordered the Wasabi Ribeye with sautéed vegetables, and he really loved it.

The Rooftop

rooftop garza blanca los cabos

The Rooftop has delicious appetizers and cocktails. We enjoyed going up there either in the mornings or after lunch for a swim and a nap on the lounge chairs. It’s a different experience than being downstairs at the main pools or on the beach. Each area has its own vibe. Being up on the roof and swimming in the infinity pool is super cool because you are on top of the world and overlooking miles and miles of blue ocean. It is so pretty, and it makes you feel so fresh and so free. The Rooftop bar mixes up fresh cocktails with high-end liquors. They have good quality tequilas, mezcals and everything you could want. They make cocktails with fresh rosemary, mint and fruit. They have a signature drink called the “Garza Blanca,” which is definitely my favorite. They also have a good selection of dishes on their menu. My favorite thing was the Buffalo Wings and French Fries. While that is not the healthiest thing on the menu, vacation is a time to indulge!

The Food Truck

The “Food Truck” restaurant on the beach is really cool, and has a hip and happening vibe. We ate there for both lunch and dinner. At night it is nice because they have string lights and the place is all lit up.

food truck beach restaurant in los cabos

The Food Truck is literally a food truck, painted with a colorful mural, stationed permanently on the beach. They serve “raw food” which means cold vegetable salads, ceviche, and oysters. It’s a unique idea and their raw food is very flavorful, yet light and refreshing, perfect for a hot day on the beach. They have a patio with tables and chairs in case you want to sit up at a real table to eat, and there are also lounge chairs and umbrellas so you can be right in front of the water and still order food from the food truck. The beach itself is wide and there aren’t any rocks. It’s really just a long wide strip of sand for miles. Very nice place to relax and soak up the sun.

The Snack

“The Snack” is the poolside restaurant and it’s a good place to grab some lunch while you’re hanging out at the pool. I personally love to eat chicken quesadillas at the pool, it’s kind of a tradition, and these were delicious and came with pico de gallo and guacamole. They also have tacos, ceviche, tuna tartare, burgers and various salads. There’s also a swim-up bar. You can´t eat at the swim-up bar, so you have to go to a lounge chair to eat your lunch, but the swim-up bar does have a well-stocked bar and charming bartenders who are prepared to make you anything you fancy, even if it is not on the menu. Or at least they will try! If you’re on the all-inclusive plan, you can just sign for everything so you don’t have to bring your wallet to the pool, which is really convenient. My husband and I got tipsy at the swim-up bar a couple of times and then enjoyed a nice afternoon nap in our suite with the blackout curtains closed and the air-conditioning cranked, which was lovely.

Romantic Beach Dinner

On our second night, my husband surprised me with a romantic private dinner for two on the beach. They set our table right on the sand underneath some string lights. We arrived a little before sunset and had cocktails and appetizers. We watched the splendid colors as the sun disappeared and the afterglow lingered on the horizon while we tucked into our main course and shared a bottle of wine under the twinkling lights listening to the waves crash on the shore. We had an incredibly romantic evening and our waiter was very attentive to us. I definitely recommend this experience for couples.

All of the food was excellent, actually surpassing our expectations for an all-inclusive, which is one of the things that prompted me to write this guest review. If you want to stay a top luxury all-inclusive resort, Garza Blanca Los Cabos is your place.

Resort Swimming Pools & Courtyard

garza blanca los cabos

The main courtyard area of the resort is really nice because there are several pools so that people can have more space and a bit more privacy, versus just having one giant pool for everyone. They have the pools separated so there is a family pool, a wellness pool with massage jets, and then there are other pools that are more for adults, such as the one with the swim-up bar.

Even though the resort is family-friendly, there were a lot of little nooks and crannies around the property where we could hang out without being bothered by children, including loungey outdoor spaces. The Rooftop infinity pool is also adults-only.

There were cool statues dotted around the property and, of course, you couldn’t miss the Orange Tree in the main courtyard area, which was very cool and inspirational. It was a main spot that we noticed people meeting at. Everyone who passed it couldn’t help but stop and check it out.

garza blanca los cabos

We asked our Butler about the meaning behind the Orange Tree and he told us that the parent company, Tafer Hotels & Resorts has installed an Orange Tree at each of its resorts including all Garza Blanca Resorts, Hotel Mousai, and Villa del Palmar Cancun. He told us that the reason is that Tafer believes that happiness is intertwined with their success and the Orange Tree is meant to be a special area for guests to go and reflect on happy moments in their lives or create new happy moments around the tree whether by using it as a photo opportunity to take vibrant snaps or share a cocktail and a laugh with the one(s) you love. Seeing its exuberant brightness, made me smile every day and I did take a moment to reflect on my happy moments there.

Spa Imagine

spa imagine garza blanca los cabos

We had a chance to visit Spa Imagine and booked the Anahata Couples Massage Ritual. The design of the spa is immediately striking when you walk in and the resort cabins are named after the seven chakras. The couples treatment room is called Aura. We were given a crystal to keep as a keepsake representing the chakra. Our treatment started with a foot ritual, and they exfoliated our feet. Then we had an incredibly relaxing massage and shared strawberries and sparkling wine in the cabin after our treatment.

The spa also has a hydrotherapy circuit, a very nice gym, and a yoga room.

Resort Activities

We did some of the resort activities including the electric beach bicycle tour, which was not as easy as I thought it would be since you have to balance on the sand, but I got the hang of it after a while and it was both very fun and a good way to get some exercise. We also played tennis up on the 9th floor and took a cooking class led by the chef patrons on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

We also ventured into both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. It was an easy taxi ride to both places and the hotel called a taxi for us.

We were very happy with our experience at Garza Blanca Los Cabos. We didn’t want to go home! We highly recommend staying there when you visit Cabo. I hope this guest review helps to convince you that Garza Blanca is a top luxury all-inclusive resort and helps make your decision to stay there! You will love it!


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