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Land’s End Cabo

Land’s End Cabo

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Land’s End is the anglicized name for the famous arches that adorn postcards and advertising for Los Cabos, Mexico which in Spanish are simply called El Arco (the arch). A much loved landmark in Cabo and one of the most popular tours for visitors, Land’s End Cabo is a geographical wonder as well as a great location for adventures and activities for all the family.

Why is it called Land’s End?

El Arco marks the most south western point of Baja California, Mexico and like other “Land’s Ends” throughout the world, its appearance is as though you are at the very end point of the peninsular. Locals claim that the first sailors to visit this area during the Age of Discovery and the Golden Age of Pirates called this place Land’s End because they believed it to be the last point of land before hitting Antarctica! (Thank goodness for the development of accurate maps!)

Geographical Features of El Arco

Land’s End is the location of El Arco which is a notable rock formation that rises from the sea at the very tip of the Baja California Peninsula off the coast of Cabo San Lucas. In addition to its beauty, El Arco marks the spot where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) meet.

Geographical Features of El Arco in Cabo San Lucas

What can you do at Land’s End?

You will find two beaches at Land’s End: Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach. Lovers Beach is where you can swim and enjoy sunbathing, snorkeling etc, while Divorce Beach is stunning but not safe for swimming due to the strong currents.

How to get to Land’s End

Many different tours can be arranged by the tour agents at your hotel, or you can head to the Cabo Marina and see which tour operator appeals most to you and your party. If you want to do things on a low budget on your own steam, water taxis leave from the marina, some of which are glass bottom boats.


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