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Los Cabos Best ATV Trails

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In Los Cabos, Baja California there are numerous ATV Tours set up to give participants the pure thrills and excitement they want. Both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are part of this 21-mile strip of paradise where you can enjoy remarkable scenery, and benefit from the chance to experience the style of the craggy land of Baja California Sur. An ATV tour in Los Cabos is pure enjoyment. You can roar out through the sand dunes, run across the spectacular beaches or cruise through a 200 year old Indian village. Whatever you do, it will be exhilarating.

The Thrill of Los Cabos

Los Cabos ATV Adventures

When you are in the Los Cabos area, there is an unbelievable choice of thrilling tours to undertake, and other things to see and do. The local people when asked will suggest that the best way to explore Los Cabos is by an ATV. With the wind in your hair, and together with your family, you will be able to take an exhilarating ATV tour to places such as “La Candelaria,” Migriño Beach and Desert, and “Los Paredones.” Wherever you go and however you do it, you will enjoy the exceptional magical side of los Cabos.

La Candelaria by ATV

La Candelaria by ATV

La Candelaria, a fascinating Indian village over 200 years old is just twenty-five miles north of Cabo San Lucas. Known for its white and black magic La Candelaria is a popular destination for ATV tours as it gives the holiday maker the chance of an exciting way to experience the village. La Candelaria is a village where the traditional ways of life have not changed very much in centuries and it only has 60 inhabitants. Living there is in complete contrast to the luxurious Los Cabos.

Mingriño Beach by ATV

Mingriño Beach by ATV

Another tremendous place for riding an ATV is along the coastline of Baja California. A perfect place to experience the thrills and spills is on Migriño Beach. This beach, which can be seen from the shore, is a 3 mile stretch of soft sand, gentle sea and is abundantly packed with marine life. This is one of the most sought after tours in Los Cabos. With its huge area of sand, 100 foot cliffs towering up above the ocean and the joy of connecting the desert, dry riverbeds and Los Paredones, this is a glorious location for an ATV tour.


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