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Mexican Celebrations at Garza Blanca Cabo

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As the summer sun begins to wane and the anticipation of fall lingers, a vibrant celebration awaits in the enchanting realm of Garza Blanca Los Cabos. Prepare to be captivated by the allure of Mexican celebrations, a month-long extravaganza that immerses you in the rich tapestry of Mexican culture, cuisine, and traditions. If you are traveling to Cabo in September, you are in for a treat! As our exclusive resort transforms into a haven of authentic experiences.

How is Mexican Independence Day celebrated?

At the heart of our Mexican celebrations lies a culinary journey that transports you to the heart of Mexico’s gastronomic treasures. Delight your senses with the “Made in Mexico” festival, where every meal becomes a symphony of flavors, colors, and textures that pay homage to Mexico’s culinary heritage.

Indulge in gastronomic samples and tastings, where the finest tequila, mezcal, and Mexican wines take center stage. Whether savoring a romantic dinner for two at Blanca Blue Restaurant or relishing a family feast at Bocados, the “Made in Mexico” menu promises an adventure that delights both the palate and the soul.

Experiences Beyond Compare

Have you ever wondered when Mexican Independence Day is celebrated? Even though the official date is September 16th, our Mexican celebrations last the whole month of September offering more than gastronomic delights; they present a series of experiences that embrace Mexican culture. Immerse yourself in the art of Mexican cuisine with cooking classes at Robata, where expert chefs guide you through the creation of traditional dishes, ensuring you carry a piece of Mexico’s magic with you.


For those seeking a taste of Mexico’s world-renowned spirits, our Tequila & Mezcal Tasting experience is a journey of discovery. Learn about the processes that transform agave into these cherished elixirs and indulge in tastings that awaken your senses to the nuances of each flavor profile.

Enchanting Evenings and Colorful Nights


As the sun sets over the azure waters of Cabo in September, the festivities continue with colorful evenings and nights. Our Mexican celebrations embrace the diverse elements of Mexican culture, offering you a front-row seat to the allure of Mexico’s traditions.

Join us for the Margaritas Fest, where the iconic cocktail takes center stage amidst live music and a beautifully vibrant ambiance. Traveling to Mexico in September is a perfect chance to dive into the world of Mexican wines and cheeses.

A Grand Mexican Night

garza blanca los cabos

On Saturdays, the “Made in Mexico” celebration reaches its crescendo with a Mexican Night that promises an unforgettable experience for all. The Food Truck comes alive, serving up an array of tantalizing Mexican delights that showcase the depth and variety of the country’s cuisine. Savor traditional dishes from Mexico’s streets to its most treasured culinary traditions.

The celebration continues with the Tequila & Mezcal Tasting at Robata, where you can deepen your understanding of these iconic spirits in the company of expert connoisseurs. Don’t miss the Mexican Wines and cheeses experience at the Lobby Bar, where the melodies of live instrumental music transport you to the heart of Mexico’s vineyards.

Something for Everyone

Children can participate in workshops about traditional crafts, storytelling, and making piñatas. Adults can join in tequila and mezcal tasting sessions that delve into the intricacies of these iconic spirits. Moreover, our special cocktail events offer an exclusive glimpse into the world of mixology influenced by Mexico’s finest fresh ingredients.

Embrace the Spirit of Mexico

As September unfolds and the scent of fall lingers in the air, there’s no better place to immerse yourself in the magic of Mexican celebrations than at Garza Blanca Los Cabos. Experience the authenticity of Mexican culture, indulge in the finest flavors, and create memories that linger long after your departure.

September in Cabo San Lucas is a time of wonder and excitement as the region prepares to celebrate, which is excellent if you have been wondering how Mexican Independence Day is celebrated. Experience the thrill of the local festivities, marked by parades, music, and cultural events. Combine this with the “Made in Mexico” celebration at Garza Blanca Los Cabos, and you have a mesmerizing September escape that brings together the best of Mexico’s traditions and modern luxury.


Whether you’re seeking where to celebrate Mexican Independence Day, exploring what to do in Cabo San Lucas in September, or planning a September getaway to Mexico, our “Made in Mexico” celebration promises an experience beyond compare.

From vibrant folkloric shows showcasing the country’s dance and music heritage to immersive experiences for children and adults, every corner of Garza Blanca Los Cabos exudes the essence of Mexico.

If you are traveling to Mexico in September, discover the soul of this captivating country at Garza Blanca Los Cabos, where every moment celebrates Mexico’s vibrant heritage with the perfect blend of cultural immersion, culinary indulgence, and gorgeous beachfront settings.


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