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Garza Blanca’s Reception Venues

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Apart from your first kiss as husband and wife, making an entrance at your own wedding reception is one of the first acts you will carry out as a married couple. To ensure your wedding reception is as idyllic as your ceremony, Garza Blanca has a host of reception venues to complement your wedding theme and color schemes.

Beach Reception Venues in Puerto Vallarta

Beach Reception Venues

There are a number of spots on the beach at Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta that offer differing ambiences and views. A wedding reception at the North Beach area will be framed by the Pacific Ocean lapping on white sand with views of Puerto Vallarta’s cityscape in the distance while Los Arcos rock formation graces the views on the South Beach and South Beach Deck.

Poolside Wedding Receptions at Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta

Poolside Wedding Receptions

Garza Blanca Preserve’s pools offer great spaces for unique wedding receptions. The Panoramic Pool area, a short way up in the mountain, has stunning 180-degree vistas of the whole of Banderas Bay for truly magical receptions, while the beachfront pool overlooking the ocean creates a mesmerizing atmosphere as sounds of waves caressing the sand become a delightful undertone to the nights’ celebrations.

Gourmet Restaurant Venues at Garza Blanca Puerto VallartaGourmet Restaurant Venues

The restaurants at Garza Blanca such as BocaDos STK and Blanca Blue provide perfect wedding reception venues where your guests will be attended to like royalty. Both BocaDos STK and Blanca Blue offer air-conditioned areas as well as balmy terraces, depending on the size and atmosphere you wish to experience during your wedding reception.

The Red Room at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta

The Red Room at Hotel Mousai

The newest venue for a glamorously chic wedding reception is located within Garza Blanca resort’s soon to be opened, Hotel Mousai. The Red Room is an ultra-elegant events space soon to be available to couples wishing to get married at Garza Blanca or Hotel Mousai.


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