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13 Places to Visit in Mexico in December

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As the year gracefully winds down, December unfolds its magic, casting a spell that beckons travelers to the embrace of sun-kissed shores. Mexico, a country where time seems to slow down, becomes a tapestry of vibrant colors and warm breezes. Embrace the enchantment of winter in Mexico—a haven where the sun dances on golden shores and warm breezes weave through rich landscapes. Mexico beckons with its tropical embrace as the northern hemisphere embraces winter’s chill, offering an idyllic escape for those seeking sun-kissed adventures and festive warmth. It is the best place for a vacation in December.

Cancun: A Tropical Oasis Awakens


Cancun, in December, emerges as a tropical haven, shaking off the vestiges of the rainy season. The weather transforms into a symphony of warm breezes, making it one of the best tropical vacation spots in December. The azure waters of the Caribbean Sea invite you for a refreshing dip, and the powdery white beaches stretch out like a welcome mat.

Puerto Vallarta: Where Charm Meets Celebration


Puerto Vallarta in December is a celebration of contrasts—the festive energy of the season seamlessly blending with the serene beauty of Banderas Bay. It is one of the best places for vacation in December, offering a delightful mix of tradition and tropical allure. The cobblestone streets of the Romantic Zone come alive with twinkling lights, and the scent of local delicacies fills the air. It’s undeniably one of the best places for vacation in December, where the warmth of Mexican hospitality mingles with the gentle ocean breeze.

Los Cabos: A Desert Oasis Transformed


Los Cabos in December unfolds as a desert landscape bathed in golden sunlight. The weather is mild, making it one of the best family beach vacations in December. The Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean converge, creating a breathtaking backdrop for leisure and adventure. December is a visual feast where luxury meets the azure expanse of the Sea of Cortez.

As the sun sets over the ocean, Los Cabos transforms into a cosmic paradise, with the sea waves lulling you to sleep after a delicious day.

Mexico City: New Year’s Revelry in the Cultural Heart


Experience the pulsating heart of Mexico in Mexico City, adorned with festive decorations and a vibrant tapestry of events, solidifying its status as a top destination for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Tulum: Tranquil December Bliss

For a December vacation embraced by tranquility, Tulum unfurls its serene beaches and a laid-back vibe, complemented by eco-friendly resorts that resonate with a harmonious connection to nature.

Cozumel: A Snorkeler’s Paradise

Cozumel, an island paradise, unfolds its pristine allure, serving as an idyllic escape for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts seeking refuge from the winter’s chill.

Guanajuato: Charming Streets and Festive Markets

Explore the enchanting streets and vibrant Christmas markets of Guanajuato, a colonial city that shines with historical charm in December.

Oaxaca: A Unique Holiday Haven


Oaxaca beckons travelers with its indigenous culture and culinary prowess, promising a unique and culturally rich holiday experience.

San Miguel de Allende: A Magical Festive Retreat

San Miguel de Allende, adorned with its kaleidoscope of colorful buildings and a jubilant atmosphere, transforms into a magical sanctuary for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

Merida: A Warm Cultural Escape

The capital of Yucatan, Merida, where Mayan and colonial heritage converge, extends a warm and culturally rich winter escape.

Zihuatanejo: A Coastal Oasis


From a humble fishing village to a resort destination, Zihuatanejo provides a serene retreat with its pristine beaches and quaint coastal charm.

Puebla: A Traditional Mexican Christmas

Puebla invites travelers to partake in traditional Mexican Christmas celebrations, where colonial architecture and culinary specialties create a festive tapestry.

Acapulco: A New Year’s Extravaganza

Acapulco, one of Mexico’s timeless beach destinations, entices revelers with its vibrant nightlife and the allure of beautiful bays, establishing itself as an ideal locale for a New Year’s celebration.

The Best Vacation Spot in December: A Choice for Every Soul

In Mexico, December isn’t just a month; it’s an invitation to indulge, explore, and create lasting memories. Whether you find yourself captivated by the allure of Cancun, the charm of Puerto Vallarta, or the serenity of Los Cabos, the best vacation spot in December is where your soul finds its perfect rhythm.


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