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Planning a Destination Wedding

Planning a Destination Wedding

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Many couples these days are opting for destination weddings to celebrate their nuptials rather than costly traditional weddings, with Mexico being one of the most popular locations amongst Americans and Canadians. Due to the relatively close proximity, Mexico makes perfect sense for a destination wedding for couples visiting from the United States and Canada. But what is the reality about planning a destination wedding? Garza Blanca’s wedding expert explains the benefits of a destination wedding below.

Benefits of a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are generally much less stressful than traditional weddings that you organize in your home town. The reason for this is because much of the organization and running around is left in the hands of a wedding planner who is located at the destination where your wedding will take place. The second benefit of a destination wedding is that almost all of the arrangements are in place way before your arrival, meaning that you really have time to relax a while before your big day. All the last minute details will be in the hands of your wedding planner so you can get a good nights’ sleep and massage.

Planning a destination wedding can also be cost effective. By taking your celebration to an exotic location like Mexico, you will find that you will have fewer guests. Although the cost of flights and hotel rooms add up, the money you spend on your wedding is likely to be less than what you would spend at home if you had a huge wedding. The added benefit of a destination wedding in Mexico is that you will also benefit from the favorable exchange rate for the US and Canadian dollar as well as lower costs in general. Most couples opting for a destination wedding in Mexico experience a far more luxurious wedding for the same money. Another advantage if your wedding takes place in an all-inclusive resort is that usually a percentage of your cost of food and beverages will be covered by your guests’ all inclusive plans.

Choosing a destination wedding in Mexico also has the advantage of warm sunny weather. While it is impossible to predict the weather, the chances of a pleasant climate for your wedding day is more likely on Mexico’s tropical coastline.

Wedding Planners or Do it Yourself

Wedding Planners or Do it Yourself?

A final note, however, if you are thinking about having a destination wedding; DIY weddings are not advised when planning a destination wedding. You are better off choosing a hotel and allowing the wedding experts there to help you organize your wedding or contract a wedding planner. Planning a long distance destination wedding by yourself can be very stressful. You really need to be there to make arrangements unless you have a contact working on your behalf.

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