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Unlock the Mystery of the Gold Mine Margarita

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Legend has it that ancient Mayan cultures buried hidden treasures throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. Their most valuable currency? Pure gold. In the spirit of our ancestors, who once ruled the ancient Americas, Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Cancun presents “The Gold Mine Margarita” – a tribute to the past and a portal to the future. Discover the smoky-sweet, delicate flavors of this savory cocktail, layered with esculent 24-karat-gold flakes, blended with top-shelf tequila by our master Mixologists for the pinnacle cocktail experience. The Gold Mine Margarita is served in an elegant presentation on the adults-only Rooftop bar at our exclusive Garza Blanca Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico.

The Gold Mine Margarita Experience

Ponder the mystery of ancient Mayan truths as you sip on The Gold Mine Margarita, gazing at crystal clear waters from our private rooftop with uninhibited ocean views. Etch your name in history as we welcome you into the exclusive “Gold Mine Margarita Club” with a personalized name plaque to add your legacy to the history books. At $200 USD, the Gold Mine Margarita is not for the faint of heart but for the brave and bold explorers of the world who possess exquisite taste.

The Best Rooftop in Cancun


The Rooftop at Garza Blanca Cancun is the sanctuary where the secret of the Gold Mine Margarite is kept. This spot is the only adults-only area where 18+ guests can relax and unwind, overlooking the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. Here, you can accompany your $200 USD margarita with any of our menu’s gourmet bites or dive in the infinity pool, which, thanks to its location, seems as if it merges perfectly with the ocean.

Behind the Gold Mine Margarita

Gold was a symbol of the divine from the civilization that brought us the Mayan calendar, built the Chichén Iztá, and had the most accurate pre-telescope astronomy. Seen as a gift from the gods, gold was used in almost every aspect of Mayan tradition. Ancient artists used gold to create ornaments, jewelry, and garments to signify power and prestige. Performance pieces with elaborate headdresses and bells were designed to reflect the sun and dazzle audiences from a long distance.

Mayan Winter Solstice in Riviera Maya

Gold signifies an individual’s identity and high ranking in Mayan society. Because of its immunity to decay, gold came to symbolize immortality and dominion worldwide. Although the Mayans used materials such as jade, copper, and obsidian, gold was preferred, as it could be molded into refined shapes. The process of how they managed to melt gold and mold it is the subject of many theories and discussions. The level of sophistication in the gold jewelry and artifacts discovered at the bottom of wells and underground caves can only be replicated with modern-day technology, leaving the Mayans’ lost secrets buried deep within the walls of time.

We welcome you to add your theory to the mystery as you sit back and savor The Gold Mine Margarita on the Rooftop bar at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa, Cancun, Mexico.


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