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TierraLuna Gardens debuts in Cancun

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TAFER Hotels & Resorts is bringing something truly unique to the famous Cancun coastline with the introduction of TierraLuna Gardens Cancun.

The botanical gardens, which will also feature an enchanting family carousel, high-end boutique shops, and a deli, will open shortly and be open to guests visiting both Garza Blanca Cancun and Villa del Palmar.

At this breathtaking location, people are invited to connect and reconnect in a natural environment designed to create the opportunity for the local community to offer their art and products in spaces created especially for visitors. Here, guests can discover a unique area where art, gastronomy, and culture are among the most highly recommended Cancun family activities.

TierraLuna Gardens Cancun’s arrival follows the enormous success of a similar outdoor space at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort and Spa in Puerto Vallarta.

A true botanical paradise

TierraLuna Gardens Cancun is an idyllic paradise that can be found just a short walk from the white sand beaches on the coast of the Caribbean Ocean.

The gardens join the sea and land with an outdoor space explicitly cultivated for relaxation and tranquility. This sensation is created through a dreamy combination of native and exotic plants and flora. As its focal point, the open design leads to magnificent ocean views.

Take a ride on the dream-like carousel

The family carousel is one of the most charming features of TierraLuna Gardens Cancun. It’s unmissable with its intricate detail and surrounding energy generated from the enjoyment of its visitors.

It is undoubtedly a special place for families and one of the highlights of a visit to the gardens. The carousel allows them to enjoy special moments together and create new memories. The one-of-a-kind carousel is also a fantastic way to enjoy the surroundings and take in dream-like settings.

Take a break at Luna Deli

The most outstanding botanical gardens in Cancun are a perfect place to take a moment to pause, whether you are enjoying the scenery or flitting between the shops. Either way, the Luna Deli is an ideal spot to collect a cold drink, coffee, or snack during a break on your visit.

Fresh salad with tuna, tomatoes and cucumbers on lettuce leaves

The Luna Deli offers delicious snacks, refreshing beverages, and quick service, so you can continue exploring everything else that TierraLuna offers. You will also find a premium selection of sandwiches, salads, and pastries.

Take a small piece of Mexico home with you

One of the main attractions of TierraLuna Gardens Cancun is the range of high-end boutique shops.

Visiting these stores allows you to pick up items that will help you remember your trip to the region for years to come. Some of the Cancun shopping products that can be found here include the best locally sourced clothing, handicrafts, jewelry, and more.

A day well-spent shopping is one where everyone can find a little something, and TierraLuna provides that in the most exclusive and luxurious surroundings. From well-known local brands and handmade products to beachwear, activewear, and souvenirs, you will discover something you’ll want to take home with you.

The line-up of boutique stores for the gardens is due to be confirmed shortly and will undoubtedly help make it one of the must-see Cancun attractions.

A garden for everyone

TierraLuna gardens is open to resort guests staying at Garza Blanca or Villa del Palmar Cancun.

Garza Blanca Cancun is one of the most luxurious resorts in the region and is located on the pristine white sands of Playa Mujeres, just 30 minutes from Cancun’s International Airport.


It offers an unforgettable vacation experience that showcases the best of Cancun and displays every indulgence that luxury offers, such as ultimate comfort in exquisite suites, sparkling swimming pools, world-class gastronomy, endless resort activities, and faultless service. The carefully curated restaurants redefine the all-inclusive experience; both all-inclusive packages and room-only rate plans are available.

Meanwhile, at Villa del Palmar Cancun, personalized four-diamond services, idyllic tropical surroundings, and a lavish lifestyle define the guest’s experience, where luxury, distinction, and the Caribbean merge.


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