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Top 10 Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Top 10 Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta is easily one of Mexico‘s top beach vacation destinations with a selection of stunning sandy beaches and everything set for a truly relaxing sunny getaway. Yet, there is much more for you to enjoy in Puerto Vallarta than its idyllic beaches and excellent cuisine, there are opportunities for different activities, tours and excursions every day of the week for a whole season! You can experience something new every day of your stay and still have things to come back for.

1. Walk the Malecon

Walk the Malecon - Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta‘s delightful seafront promenade, the Malecon was renovated in 2011, giving the boardwalk an enchanting facelift with lush flower beds and verdant palm trees framing the dancing blue hues of the Pacific. It provides the perfect setting to watch the sunset or take a leisurely stroll, leaving you fascinated by frozen street performers, rock balancers and flying acrobats (Los Voladores de Papantla).

2. A Trip Los Arcos

A Tour to Los Arcos - Puerto VallartaLos Arcos is an enchanting landmark that defines Puerto Vallarta‘s coastline with its elegant arches that rise from the bay like the tail of a mythical creature. It is a great spot for snorkeling or diving where you will see a multitude of colourful fish. Most of Garza Blanca’s suites offer great views of Los Arcos and you can also enjoy a free kayak and snorkeling excursion to the landmark.

3. A Night Out Downtown

A Night Out Downtown Puerto VallartaDepending on your preferences, energy levels and age, Puerto Vallarta‘s nightlife has something for everyone. There are lively bars, pumping nightclubs and live music venues as well as elegant fine dining restaurants, romantic bistros and family fun, all within a short taxi ride of Garza Blanca Preserve.

4. Whale Watching

Whale Watching - Puerto VallartaChoosing Puerto Vallarta for a vacation during the winter months brings its own charms. The whale watching season in Puerto Vallarta runs from the end of November to the middle of March, when licensed tours can pretty much guarantee sightings of these fabulous mammals, which are often spectacular shows of acrobatics and somersaults.

5. Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship - Puerto Vallarta

One of Puerto Vallarta’s most popular icons is the Marigalante pirate ship that can be seen on the horizon both day and night. There are currently two galleons in operation in Puerto Vallarta, which are replicas of the 17th Century Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus’ flag ship. The Pirate show by day is ideal for children and adults providing an entertaining tour of the bay, while the show by night is a dazzling display with entertainment, fireworks and an open bar for adults.

6. Yelapa, Las Animas and Quimixto

Yelapa, Las Animas and QuimixtoSouth of Puerto Vallarta, you can still find fishing communities that can only be reached by boat. A day trip to one of these much loved beach towns will give you some insight into how Puerto Vallarta might have looked a 60 years ago. You can also take hikes or a horseback ride to magical waterfalls hidden within the jungle near these towns.

7. Golf

Golf at Puerto VallartaGolf lovers are spoiled for choice in Puerto Vallarta with world class courses available for visitors as well as an excellent climate year round.

8. Las Caletas Beach

Las Caletas BeachWhat was once John Huston’s home hidden on a private beach surrounded by lush jungle, Las Caletas is now one of Puerto Vallarta’s most celebrated activities. The trip involves a flame-lit dinner on Las Caletas beach, which you arrive to by sea followed by a preHispanic show involving dancing, fire and magical rituals.

9. Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing - Puerto VallartaFishing is a popular sport as well as livelihood in Puerto Vallarta. There are various fishing tour companies poised to take you on an adventure in and around Banderas Bay. Marlin, dorado (mahi mahi), red snapper, sailfish, and tuna are just some of the common breeds you will encounter.

10. Zip lining

Zip lines - Puerto VallartaExperiencing Puerto Vallarta‘s mountains and ravines from up high is one of the area’s most incredible activities. You fly along zip lines over worn river canyons and through the jungle for an adrenaline-driven adventure.

All of these activities and more can be organized by the tour agent at Garza Blanca at competitive prices.


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