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Las Marietas Islands and its Hidden Beach Puerto Vallarta

Las Marietas Islands and its Hidden Beach

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Off the coast of Puerto Vallarta and tucked away on the Marietas Islands is an amazing hidden beach called Playa del Amor, where the waters are so crystal clear and sparkling blue and the sandy beach dazzles like a gem. This hidden beach is a natural sanctuary for birds and is completely surrounded by solid rocks. A perfect day tour for a romantic getaway or a snorkeling adventure with friends close to Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Las Islas Marietas

Marietas islands - Hidden beach Puerto Vallarta

The Marietas Islands are located a short distance from Banderas Bay, and provides many reasons to visit such as sunbathing, birdwatching, and simply enjoying a romantic day with your partner. A day at the Marietas Islands can provide you with plenty of adventure and activities toop. You can choose to explore some of the other islands, or relax on the crater that is located in the middle of the main island, or just go snorkeling and diving to experience the magic underwater.

Blue Footed Boobies and Spectacular Surroundings

Volcanic activity created the uninhabited islands thousands and thousands of years ago, and today you will find many birds, and exotic marine life. The blue footed boobies are perhaps the most famous birds that call the Marietas islands home, and vacationers can spend the entire day here and watch the rare birds build their nest, eat, and play on the volcanic rock. These birds can only be found in a few places worldwide, so birdies should definitely dedicate a day tour to the Marietas Islands.  The lush greenery on the islands is absolutely beautiful too, providing a stunning backdrop for you to take a variety of photos.

Underwater Activity at the Marietas Islands

Jacques Cousteau, a famous oceanographer and explorer found this amazing hidden gem off the coast of Puerto Vallarta many years ago. This is the perfect location for all types of underwater adventures and activities. You can enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving where you will see amazing underwater landscapes. The waters are so crystal clear that you will be able to see tropical fish, eels, large manta rays, and sea horses swimming around.

Whale watching is another adventure that can be enjoyed near the islands. There are many tours that take tourists to the waters surrounding the Marietas Islands to look for humpback whales that make their home here in the Bay of Banderas from around November until the end of March.

The Hidden Beach – Playa del Amor

Most tourists spend the day swimming and snorkeling, and watching the birds, but when you visit the Las Marietas Islands you must explore the hidden beach. The hidden beach is located between two islands and is just a quick swim through the rocky tunnel. While you are there, let the waves splash upon your feet, then swim in the crystal, clear waters. You can also explore a smaller cave that is next to the beach.

Some Unknown Facts about the Hidden Beach

Las Marietas Islands and its Hidden Beach Puerto Vallarta

This wasn’t always a safe and fun hidden beach. In the sixties the Mexican government used to use the islands as their testing sites for military bombs. Thankfully, the hidden beach is now protected after many campaigns to save the islands and their blue footed boobies. However, if it wasn’t for the military, we would not be able to enjoy the hidden beach today, as the beach is actually the result of a large explosion which left a large crater in the center of one of the islands!

Make a trip to the Marietas Islands part of your vacations to Puerto Vallarta. Bothe the islands and the hidden beach will leave you in awe.  



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