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Los Arcos Islets in Puerto Vallarta

Los Arcos Islets in Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta’s skyline is distinctive for a variety of reasons: its imposing jungle mountains accentuate the perfect horseshoe outline of the bay, the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean every night of the year and the Church of Guadalupe’s illuminated tower brightens the night sky. However, perhaps the most memorable feature in Puerto Vallarta is the impressive rocky collection of islets that rise from the sea, known as Los Arcos.

When driving south from Puerto Vallarta towards Mismaloya, it is hard to miss the undeniable beauty of lush tropical landscapes, sweeping vistas of royal blue waters, and the ever impressive Los Arcos rock formations that breach the surface of Banderas Bay. These impressive islets, which have become an iconic symbol for the charming Mexican town, are a source of pride for residents and a major attraction for the thousands of visitors who head to the tropical paradise each year.

Los Arcos de Mismaloya  

The islets, also called Los Arcos de Mismaloya, were classified as a natural reserve and National Marine Park in 1984. Providing habitat for an immense variety of exotic birds, fish and marine animals, Los Arcos have become an important attraction for the town of Puerto Vallarta. Located just off the coast of Garza Blanca Preserve, Los Arcos boast a series of caves, tunnels, arches and an impressive reef that make it a great place to spend a few hours snorkeling or diving.

People from all over book tours and embark on extravagant excursions just to get a glimpse of the islets in all their glory. At the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa however, guests get a front row seat on a daily basis from both the lobby of the resort and the suite balconies. In addition, the luxury resort offers guests the unique opportunity of visiting the islands upon a paddle board or kayak for free. With the aid of a professional guide, guests will learn about the various species that inhabit the islands, understand the importance of preserving the unique Los Arcos ecosystem, and view the large schools of fish and other marine life while snorkeling with gear provided by the resort.

Whether admiring the Islands from afar or experiencing them first hand in unique Garza Blanca fashion, guests are sure to take with them memories that will last a lifetime.


Photo credit: Shanti Gilbert


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