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Puerto Vallarta's Revamped Malecón

Puerto Vallarta’s Revamped Malecón

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

You cannot visit Puerto Vallarta without falling in love with its picturesque seafront boardwalk, the “Malecón” with its souvenir shops, jewelers, tequila stores, bars and restaurants all eager to thrill you with Mexican traditions.

One of Puerto Vallarta‘s most distinguishing features, the Malecón was given a reviving facelift in 2011 led by West 8, Trama Arquitectos and Estudio 3.14 who pedestrianized and renovated the promenade.

Now Puerto Vallarta’s beloved Malecón is peppered with lush palm trees, tropical shrubs, and bugambilia that overflow from well-kept flower beds. The paving celebrates the indigenous art from the area, with symbols that represent the Huichol tribes reflected in the pebble work on the floor. The symbols, which are mainly animals, refer to nature and the cosmos.

At the southern end of the Malecón, there is an amphitheater opposite the town plaza and breathtaking Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. Free daily performances and family entertainment can be enjoyed there along with a number of artisan stalls, sellers and frozen street performers.

Walking the the mile-long seawall is a must for any visitor coming to Puerto Vallarta, boasting the most spectacular sunsets 365 days a year. While taking a leisurely saunter along the Malecón you will see a number of sculptures by local Mexican artists regularly dotted along the seafront. Tours of the sculptures in English can also be arranged so that you can learn about the cultural heritage of the area.

If you walk a little further towards the Old Town following the coast, you will see the recently inaugurated pier that flashes its multi colored lights at night, adding a modern touch to Puerto Vallarta. From here you can take a water taxi to one of the secluded beaches to the south past Garza Blanca Preserve.

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