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Sea Turtles to the Rescue

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The sight of hundreds of baby turtles scurrying for their lives towards the ocean across Garza Blanca’s soft white sand is an Instagram opportunity you just don’t want to miss. The magical moment when marine turtles embark on their arduous journey towards maturity in an environment full of hungry predators, including man, is a moment to reflect upon the true wonder of nature and its unrelenting passion for survival. To ensure this sight is a reality for generations to come, Garza Blanca Preserve’s team are preparing themselves for the high season of turtle eggs, keeping an eye open for visiting turtles.

With only a 1% survival rate and declining numbers, sea turtles are a protected species in Mexico and need all the help we can give them, which is why watching the release of baby turtles on Garza Blanca’ beach is such an awe inspiring occasion that is sure to top the list of your best Puerto Vallarta moments for many years to come.

The beaches along the length of Banderas Bay including Garza Blanca were once prime beaches for Goflina and black turtles to lay their eggs after having traveled sometimes hundreds of miles to return to the same egg laying beach. Nowadays, thanks to the growth of Puerto Vallarta and modern advances, marine turtles have less privacy to lay their eggs and are exposed to a less favorable environment for survival, although they still come in good numbers thanks to their disposition to return to the same beaches to nest.

Garza Blanca Preserve’s beach is a popular location for marine turtles to lay their eggs, and it is not uncommon to see these incredible creatures making their nests from July through December, although tourists may see turtles arrive to lay eggs at any time of the year. As a means of protecting these endangered animals, there is an active program in Puerto Vallarta for collecting eggs left by visiting turtles and protecting them in sanctuaries before returning the baby turtles to the same beaches where they were left by their mothers for release. Garza Blanca Preserve is one of the only hotels in Puerto Vallarta to help sponsor this program as well as take active part in protecting nests discovered on Garza Blanca Beach.

For guests at Garza Blanca Preserve, watching a mother turtle lay her eggs in an hypnotic trance where nothing would distract her from her mission is a unique experience second only to the release of the baby turtles a couple of months or so later. During the peak turtle hatching season from August to November, guests at Garza Blanca may be lucky to experience the release of baby turtles 3 or three times a month and may even witness the mother turtle arrive to the shore after her long journey.


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