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Spending Hurricane Season in Puerto Vallarta?

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If you are thinking of booking a tropical holiday over the summer months, you might be asking yourself some questions like, when is hurricane season and is it safe to travel?

In Puerto Vallarta, the rainy season falls between June and mid-October and sometimes extends into November. The risk of hurricane strikes is usually highest in August and September, and there are some parts of Mexico that get hit more often than others. Puerto Vallarta is one of the locations that is often spared from the destruction of these tropical storms due to its geographic location.

Hurricane Season in Banderas Bay

If you are planning on traveling to Mexico during the summer, consider a visit to Puerto Vallarta. Situated on the Pacific coast in Banderas Bay, it is sheltered by both the shape of the bay and the Sierra Madre mountains. This specific geography results in hurricanes rarely striking the area.  Storms that move up the coast often divert out to sea before hitting land, leaving this little piece of paradise intact.

Banderas Bay is not immune to a bad storm once in a while, but this should in no way deter you from booking your next escape to the white sandy beaches of Mexico.  During the summer months there can be some fabulous rainstorms, but the weather in Puerto Vallarta is fairly predictable and easy to plan around. 

Most days you will wake up to blue skies, warm sun, and crystal-clear waters.  You can plan your activities in the morning when it is warm and sunny, as it is usually not until the late afternoon that the cloud bank begins to form on the horizon and slowly makes its way inland.  After a day of seeing the sights in Puerto Vallarta, you can relax on your terrace with a drink and experience the clouds bringing their own special entertainment. You can watch the wonders of nature unfold as the dark skies light up with a 3-D show of lightning flashing in between the massive cloud layers. It is truly mesmerizing!

Top Reasons to Visit Mexico in the Summer

Life in the Bay during the summer months offers a different experience than what one can expect in the winter high season.  Many might shy away from visiting the tropics in the summer, but the low season is a great time of year that offers many excellent advantages to take into consideration:

1.  One of the first things you may notice is that there is a little bit more humidity than you will find in the winter months. With the humidity comes eye-popping vibrant colors and extra lush foliage everywhere you look.  The evening rains combine with the warm sun bringing life to areas that looked brown and brittle during the dry season.  Vegetation grows by leaps and bounds over this handful of months creating an incredibly rich and thriving landscape that is a feast for the eyes.

Los Arcos, Puerto Vallarta

2.  You can find amazing offers and promotions on accommodations due to the lower occupancy rates that Puerto Vallarta experiences in the summer months. Many resorts offer free room upgrades or special discounts during certain periods, so once you decide on a hotel, keep checking their website to see what special deals they are offering.  You can partake in holiday living and be treated like royalty and pay less than you might during other times of the year.

Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta

3.  Fewer people means quieter adventures. You will notice no line ups at popular restaurants. When you walk the beaches there is hardly anyone in sight, and private excursions will cost you less, sometimes with 2 for 1 promos. There will be some dreamy days when you feel like you have been given a piece of paradise all to yourself.

4. Beautiful warm weather during the day and spectacular lightning shows by night.  It’s truly the best of both worlds!

lightning bolts reflection over the sea. taken during a thunderstorm over the ocean with clouds in the background

5.  From July to September, the ocean waters are the warmest and clearest, providing the best underwater visibility of the year.  This makes it a perfect time for snorkeling and scuba diving. If you would like to see tropical fish, you will be delighted with a visit to Marietas Islands or Los Arcos. 

Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

There is always a small chance that tropical storms and hurricanes may hit the bay area during hurricane season.  Hurricane Kenna in 2002, did hit Puerto Vallarta, but that was the last hurricane to cause significant damage and happened 18 years ago. Puerto Vallarta is well prepared for natural disasters should they hit, but due to the shape of the bay and the protection of the mountains, tropical storms often get close before veering away. Since Puerto Vallarta is not on open ocean, the likelihood of it being directly hit by a hurricane is relatively low and you are more likely to experience lots of rain, strong winds and high waves. Should you encounter a tropical storm during your visit, just be sure to follow the advice issued by the local authorities.

hurricane season

Additionally, meteorologists are equipped with advanced technology, and there is a state-of-the-art satellite tracking system that can predict the movement and the intensity of a storm. These technological improvements provide tourists with plenty of advance notice so that precautions can be taken and preparations made long before the storm ever arrives.  In the rare case that an evacuation needs to occur, the city is prepared with the logistics and infrastructure to manage the situation and temporary shelters are ready year-round to handle emergency situations.

Up-to-date information is also readily available on multiple platforms.  There are well-established expat communities throughout the bay area that regularly provide quality information using existing social media groups.  Additionally, all hotels have protocols in place to inform guests of an impending situation and what actions need to be taken.  

General Hurricane Safety

Regardless of where you are staying, there are a few general hurricane safety rules you should adhere to:

  •  Always stay indoors
  • Don’t walk on beaches or riverbanks
  • Seek shelter that has a foundation and is above ground level
  • Go inland if required
  • Keep away from windows
  • Listen to the local radio and NOAA for updates and instructions
  • Have enough bottled water on hand to last a few days

Come for a Visit

If you’re thinking of a summer vacation, the low season is the perfect time to visit Puerto Vallarta. Pack an umbrella and come to stay at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa to enjoy a different season in our tropical paradise. You won’t be disappointed!

Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta is also safe and sound and ready to receive you! If you need a little proof of this, click here to see our live cam, and discover the calm, the sunny days and the fun others are having at this very moment at our resort!


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