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What Locals Do for Fun in Puerto Vallarta

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Whether you are a first time visitor or a regular Puerto Vallarta fan who’s been here a thousand times, there’s always something new to discover in this eternal paradise called Puerto Vallarta. Strategically located between the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range and the stunning Banderas Bay, it represents a magical city with all the charm and splendor you’d expect of a world class vacation destination.  To make the best out of your vacation, a simple tip is to follow what the locals do for fun in Puerto Vallarta. Take a look at some pointers below:

Locals know the Best Food Venues

Eating out and having a taste of Puerto Vallarta’s fabulous selection of cuisine is not just a pleasure, it’s a privilege.  A city known for its culinary arts, there’s something to satisfy every discriminating taste and plenty of gourmet restaurants.  Vallartenses are famous for preparing and cooking the tastiest dishes.  It seems that they know the secrets of traditional cooking; making ordinary ingredients turn into splendid dishes. The local food venues in Puerto Vallarta offer a most unique dining experience that you won’t find in other vacation destination.  In addition to the big name gourmet restaurants like Cafe des Artistes, El Trio, La Leche, La Palapa and Blanca Blue, where locals might go for very special occasions, you can find the best places for great value for money by following the locals.

For a delectable serving of the freshest seafood, there’s Marisma, 8 Tostadas and Barracuda.  On the other hand, La Dolce Vita, Florios and El Brujo offer a wide variety of different flavors for reasonable prices.  Great snacks abound and the most popular undoubtedly are the real Mexican tacos.  Walking around town, you will see so many taco stands that it can be confusing to know which are safe and of high quality. One recommendation is to choose at taco stand that has the longest line of local people buying their homemade tacos.  El Carboncito (Honduras 127) and Pepe’s Tacos (Calle Honduras 145C) both in the 5 de Diciembre district are just two of the most patronized taco stalls in Puerto Vallarta.

Homemade Baja Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa and Chips

The Locals Play at the Best Places

Entertainment and fun are major components of any Puerto Vallarta vacation.  Banderas Bay’s list of fantastic beaches and vast forest covered mountains provide venues for a lot of activities to inspire any adventuring soul. Among some of things that locals enjoy are the waves of Pangas Beach or Burros Beach for some surfing; a gentle hike along the pathway from Boca de Tomatlan town to Las Animas beach, swimming in the rivers at Garza Blanca and Nogalito, or simply engaging in beach volleyball in the less frequented Los Mangos Beach Club or Los Muertos Beach.  The small surf town of San Pancho (San Francisco, Nayarit) is often chosen by locals as a less commercial alternative to Sayulita.

Relax in the Places the Locals Called Heaven

You don’t need to spend many dollars in Puerto Vallarta to find that elusive place to lay down and enjoy a relaxing scene or take a leisurely walk.  First off, you might enjoy the balcony of your luxury suite at Garza Blanca, lay poolside or spend the day on the beach at the resort or head to local favorites nearby, such as Conchas Chinas beach, La Gemelas or Mismaloya beaches. Other activities that you will see the locals enjoying are those such as walking along the Malecon in the evening, dancing in the plaza on Sunday evenings or having a picnic on the beach. With such amazing natural landscape and sunshine filled days, the art of relaxation has been fully masterfully attained by the local people of Puerto Vallarta.  


Party Where the Locals Party

And finally, there is no denying that Puerto Vallarta has its fair share of commercial nightclubs and bars where you can dance and party to you heart’s content.  The Malecon is one worthy place that is packed with fun nightclubs and bars, but for the ultimate local partying experience there are other options.  Solar bar, located on the Carmarones Beach is a place for a memorable drinking spree with Dj and live music on the weekends. Nacho Daddy is popular amongst local expats who are looking for live music and other “local foreigners.”  Bar Morelos offers a lot of fun including mezcal shots to start the ball rolling. The most popular party places where locals prefer to spend their time till the wee hours of the morning are Barra Bar, the Roxy, JB Salsa, La Bodeguita del Medio and La Santa. Follow the locals and you will have one hell of night out on the town.



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