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Why You Should Spend Christmas at the Beach

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The famous songwriter, Irving Berlin, may have dreamed of a white Christmas, but in recent years many families are starting their own holiday tradition of spending Christmas at the beach. Imagine waking up Christmas morning along Mexico’s Pacific Coast, in one of Mexico’s popular destination spots, Puerto Vallarta! You are sure to have an extraordinary vacation experience, which can be especially magical during the Christmas season. Experience traditional festivals and gatherings along with the giant Christmas tree on the Malecon Boardwalk. Azure waters, blue skies, warm breezes, and soft white sand will be yours to delight in. Here are a few thoughts on why you should spend this Christmas at the beach in Puerto Vallarta, which will make your winter holiday extra special.

Stress-Free Family Time

This Christmas, why not enjoy some authentic, stress-free time with the family? When you are enjoying Christmas at the beach, you can forget about the overcrowded shopping malls and long lines at the post office. The Christmas shopping season is famously the most stressful time of the year. With all the “hustle and bustle” and different work and school schedules, it’s often hard to find any time to just be together or sit down for a meal.

Spend Christmas at the beach with your family

Instead, you and the family could be swimming, hiking, and enjoying gourmet meals together. Sun and fun await, so leave the wool hats and mittens at home and pack your flip-flops and Santa hats. Santa hats are always in style at the beach! You may also want to think about other fun ideas for Christmas-themed swimsuits, towels, and other accessories to bring along.

Winter Savings

The holiday season is the perfect time to enjoy savings on your Christmas vacation at the beach. Every great vacation should start off with big savings. The money saved this time of the year could go towards another trip in the new year. Most of the resorts offer deep discounts on packages and special offers for the holidays. Booking online during the Black Friday or Cyber Monday events is the perfect time for an additional discount. Experts have a few tips for finding the best deals. They say to narrow your search to your favorite destination, then to the type of resort that best fits your family’s lifestyle. Once you have picked your favorites, sign-up by email for that resort’s newsletter, which will have the very best offers on vacation packages. Routinely checking their social media accounts, shopping early, and being ready to buy are other tips.

save to spend Christmas at the beach

Special Activities Await You

Puerto Vallarta offers a mind boggling variety of activities for the entire family. Over a Christmas at the beach vacation go for a swim, or hike the Sierra Madre mountains. Swimming is just the beginning of the water sports on offer, as parasailing, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and kayaking opportunities are available along with zip lining and horseback riding.

canopy zipline adventures in puerto vallarta

If deep relaxation is on the agenda, world-class spas await. You will find yourself immersed in activities that feed the mind, body and soul. Hosted by a team of wellness therapists and beauty experts, you will be able to arrange your own schedule from a large selection of therapies, services, and treatments to focus on your needs. The coastline of Puerto Vallarta is lush and beautiful and will be a breathtaking backdrop for all of the activities your family chooses.

Ice Skating with a Beach View

One of the truly unique activities in Puerto Vallarta is ice skating on the beach! For those members of the family that want “a little taste of winter back home”, Iceland Beach PV is the ice skating rink that opened early in 2021. Enjoy ice skating on real ice with a view of the beach.

Ice Skating  in Puerto Vallarta

After skating, enjoy a delicious lunch by the water or take a walk along the shore. Now where else can you get those back-to-back activities?

Starting a New Family Tradition

We all have memories from childhood about traditions we experienced with our families at Christmas time. Some are large and some are small, but they each help to create comfort and pride within the family. Studies show that these traditions, maintained over time, strengthen a family’s love and commitment to one another.

Here are three main reasons why family traditions, old and new, are so important. Traditions give children a sense of identity and shape memories of the family. Family traditions strengthen family bonds and trust among each other and finally, in an ever-changing world provide consistency. Why not start a new tradition with your family this holiday season and spend Christmas at the beach? Then, on Christmas Eve, instead of leaving milk and cookies out for Santa, consider leaving him a new pair of flip-flops. He just might need them for this busy time of year! HoHoHo!


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