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Winter Vacations in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Winter in Riviera Maya

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If the dreadful winter weather has you feeling like hibernating, leave it behind and plan a getaway to the Riviera Maya where you can spend the winter season in one of the most desirable destinations in Mexico. Spending time in the Riviera Maya during the winter season is delightful, which is why it is not surprising that the region is one of the most favored places in Mexico to escape the cold weather that afflicts many other parts of the planet. When the temperatures begin to fall in other areas, those who are lucky enough to be in the Riviera Maya are still donning their flip flops and shorts! If the thought of drinking an icy beverage while lounging on the beach sounds more appealing than battling the snow storm that is about to hit, head down to the Riviera Maya and enjoy a fantastic winter season. Remember, you will soon be able to take refuge from the cold weather back home at Garza Blanca Riviera Maya.

Take a look at some of the top benefits of spending your winter in Riviera Maya:

Fantastic Weather

If you prefer a warm, sunny climate over chilly winter temperatures, you will adore spending time in the Riviera Maya during this season. Rather than spend your time scraping ice off of your windshield, you can lounge around in a hammock with an icy drink in hand. Taking a break from your parka and boots will definitely be a welcome change!

Spellbinding Beaches

With startlingly clear turquoise waters and powdery white sand, the beaches in the Riviera Maya are some of the most stunning on the planet. Hop in the water for a swim, stroll along the sand and enjoy the vistas of the Caribbean Sea or just lounge around and bask in the sun. We dare you to try and stay away from the gorgeous beaches in the Riviera Maya!

Spellbinding Beaches

Activities Galore

If you grow tired of lying by the pool day after day, you are in luck because the Riviera Maya is home to an amazing selection of fun activities for you to try. Because the Caribbean Sea is so accessible, water sports like kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming are incredibly popular in the area. If you prefer to stay on land, you can go on a horseback ride, fly far above the sights of Cancun on a zipline tour or explore the terrain with an ATV adventure.

Activities Galore

Lots to See

The Riviera Maya is one of the most amazing parts of Mexico to visit because there is so much to do and see. If you are a history or archaeology buff, you won’t want to miss seeing some of the Yucatan Peninsula’s Mayan ruins like Tulum; you can explore the incredible ancient sites where the sophisticated society once lived. If you are in the mood for a day trip, you can head to nearby hotspots such as Playa del Carmen or the tiny island of Isla Mujeres. While it takes more time and effort to get to Cozumel, the captivating island is definitely worth visiting.

mayan ruins tulum

Travel that is Accessible

Since the Riviera Maya is one of Mexico’s most popular destinations, many top airlines now offer a variety of flight choices to journey there, with direct flights from many cities in the U.S. The tourist hotspot draws so many people each year that even more airlines are offering flights to the area, so finding affordable plane tickets that take you directly to paradise is easier than ever.  

Riviera Maya

Spending the winter in Riviera Maya is appealing for so many reasons that you may want to book your next vacation right away!


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