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Destination Weddings in Mexico - Caribbean or Pacific Coast?

Destination Weddings in Mexico – Caribbean or Pacific Coast?

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Destination weddings are a great way to ensure you have a wonderful big day with as little stress as possible. Ok, so it reduces your guest list a little, but there are still like three million decisions to be made, right? Well, some of those can be fun – dress fittings, cake tastings and flower shopping are all pretty fun, but then there’s the seating arrangements, the crazy in-laws (to be) and what you’ll be eating at the receptions. Still, destination weddings can make all of these decisions a little easier, in fact some resorts have teams to help you!

This means that the really tough decision here, when it comes to your Mexican beach wedding, is precisely which coast to land on. Which is it for you – the Caribbean or the Pacific?
Mexico Weddings on the Pacific Coast

Destination Weddings in Mexico – Caribbean or Pacific Coast?

It can be tempting to simply go for the coast which has the most direct flights from your hometown – if you are dead set on having lots of friends and family in tow then this might be a good way to choose. Nonetheless you should give due consideration to the many distinct features of each coast before making your final decision.

Mexico Weddings on the Pacific Coast

The Pacific coast of Mexico is a little more boho-chic, a little more quiet, private and reserved, but no less beautiful than its eastern equivalent in the Caribbean. The Sierra Madre Mountains, clear, warm waters and golden sand beaches are a truly romantic sight – one which would set the perfect mood for a wedding. The Pacific coast promises romance and seclusion.

This coast has three main advantages: one it is less windy than the Caribbean; two it has a more defined rainy season (handy for picking a date) and three… well, around 800 actually – around 800 humpback whales travel through these waters each winter and there’s a good chance you’ll see them if you’re in the Central Pacific area. The foodie and nature lovers among you will be bowled over by this side of Mexico too.

Destination Weddings in Mexico on the Caribbean Coast

The Caribbean coast of Mexico has those iconic white sand beaches, deep, crystalline waters and endless days of sunshine that so many people think of when they envision a beach wedding. What the east coast also has, however, is dense jungles, mangroves and exotic wildlife; vibrant cities and sleepy villages. History and culture. All of this and some of the most exquisite beaches on earth.

Choosing the Caribbean coast for your Mexican wedding will also give you the opportunity to book a number of eco-tours for you and your guests. These can include bike-rides, exploration of the marine world around the coastline, or even wilderness expeditions. You might even try an underwater ceremony, if you feel adventurous. If this is a little too extreme you could consider being married in gorgeous and unique sites like an underground wine cellar that will really give your guests something to talk about at home! History buffs, alternatively, might love to see the 1,000 year old Mayan ruins that can be found all across the Caribbean coast- observatories, palaces, pyramids and temples show small slivers of Mayan life.

So whether you think of yourselves as adrenaline junkies, food lovers, history buffs or nature children you can be sure that the backdrops, adventures and settings offered by Mexico are second to none for an idyllic destination wedding. No matter which side you choose you’re sure to send home your guests with lifelong memories of a ceremony like no other.


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